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The Save My Wardrobe SEPTEMBER ISSUE | Trend Report

augustus 28, 2011

Every year all the glossy magazines put lots and lots of effort in which is supposed to be their best issue: the September issue. It’s all about coming season’s next look and analyses. But we bloggers can do that too! It takes one hell lot of work (checking ALL the shows, writing down what’s in them, analysing it and determining the trends, finding back pictures of the trends en put it all together in a report) but at the same time also a lot of fun. So here I present Save My Wardrobe’s trend report, enjoy!

Dennis Basso, Gucci, Gucci, Loewe

If we would have to name one trend this winter, it will be fur. We saw it all over, almost every designer, the big names as well as the smaller ones, included it in their collections. Especially coats, scarfs and ‘arm cuffs’ of fur were popular and both in the ‘natural colours’ as well as psychedelic colours.. I tell you ALL OVER! Looks lovely with leather, tweed and burgundy.

Ann Demeulemeester, Gareth Pugh, Hermès, Marios Schwab

Popular amongst bloggers for a while already is leather. Of course, we’ve always seen leather.. every year again, but this time it was, as well as fur, all over the place. Especially leather pants and dresses are new and ‘it’ at the moment. Zara has some great trousers and dresses and Mango has a beautiful leather skirt in their collection. Besides the basic brown and black leather, colours are hot as well. Wear it wisely, with luxury materials instead of thin polyester and ‘Primark’ clothes, because then the ‘whore-look’ is suddenly very, very close.. Go for wool, cashmere, linen and some fur every now and then for example.

Chloé, Chloé, Dries van Noten, Prada

I am pretty confident you have heard about this one already. Especially Zara has some great items with snake prints in their collection, pants and blouses as well as shoes and a clutch. Just like the fur trend, we find snake prints in both their natural colours as well as in all colours of the rainbow. I personally like the ochre/yellow prints a lot besides the natural.

Céline, Christian Dior, Haider Ackermann, Haider Ackermann

The pure colours of gemstones are the key colours of this fall/winter. Ruby (burgundy, wine red) is by far the most popular one but also sapphire, amber (ochre), amethist and onyx were sent down the runway quite often. Surprising how well they go all together, isn’t it?

Balmain, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, Stella McCartney

Maybe you have spotted the silver coloured jeans by Zara already on my wishlist and I can tell you: it isn’t there without a reason. No, usually we save our shiny and sparkly clothes for Christmas and New Year’s eve but this year we’re gonna SHINE all winter long. As a compensation for the lack of sunshine this summer? Good reason to buy that extra pair of sunnies that are on sale right now 😉

Dolce & Gabbana, Emilio Pucci, Michael Kors, Yves Saint Laurent

This is a trend I am becoming pretty obsessed with at the moment. I am really into the unicolour outfits, trousers and loose blouses. Well, add a blazer and there is the suit. It is pretty formal, indeed, but arm/neck cuffs and other statement jewellery and accesoiries can make all the difference. Chinos too, by the way, just like Michael Kors and cropped pants like Yves Saint Laurent.

Lanvin, Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs, Paul Smith

Usually the polka dot is more popular for the spring/summer collections than the fall/winter collections, but this year it’s the other way around. We saw collections overloaded by polka dots, some more subtle and kinda ‘different’ than usual some pretty basic and all over the place. I have to agree that it can look très chic and added a black silk blouse with white, big polka dots to my wishlist.

Jean Paul Gaultier, Blumarine, Jil Sander, Rochas

Hmm.. I guess this is really such a trend that you either hate or love. I don’t exactly know my position yet but I guess it will be ‘I like it on the runway but not to wear it myself’. I have spotted some sixties-model coats already and I guess there will pop up some items with the sixties patterns sooner or later in the shops as well. (Psst.. the right picture of the set below belongs still to Sixties Chic, I couldn’t bear to leave it out, but with an unequal amount of pics I had to pair it with one of the next trends!).

Chloé, Alberta Ferretti, Gucci, Gucci

Well, as stated above, the Alberta Ferretti still belongs to ‘Sixties Chic’ because I could not bear to leave it out. Ok, said that we’re gonna focus on sheer. That’s something we have seen before but that still carries on. I think it’s great with a snake print or ruby colour and both match perfectly with black leather.

Alexander Wang, Francesco Scognamiglio, Jean Paul Gaultier, Marios Schwab

I really like quilted jacks but I have nothing with parkas, absolutely nothing. However, there are more than enough fashion lovers and bloggers who go crazy over them. Personally I prefer the more subtle ones, the ‘rider-jackets’, that are short, tailored and quilted. Great with other riding clothes like plaid pants and leather.

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Jean Paul Gaultier, Thakoon

CHECKERED even spent a whole article on the plaids and yes.. I have seen them around as well, on the runway. I must say they are not that popular in the shops yet, and to be honest I am pretty done with it as well. Except for the Thakoon’s jacket, which I love. Small plaids however, can be pretty cute on pants, to create some sort of rider style. H&M’s got a great pants and blazer in their collection right now!

Brioni, Brioni, Iceberg, Marc by Marc Jacobs

Pull away those jeans girls, this winter it’s all about trousers! And I LOVE it. Finally something different, finally we are challenged to show our combining skills. We gotta work and we’re gonna make it work! The trousers are great with a blouse, with a blazer, with high heels but also with a jumper. The trousers are there for us in all possible colours, prints and even models: high waisted, made out of tweed, cotton, flared or tight and cropped.. you choose it! Also a great item to create a suit-look.

Alexander McQueen, Altuzarra, Balmain, Christian Dior

Damn, I have hated them for so long but now that they’re back I embrace them with whole my heart. Especially those burgundy Dior’ you’re so pretty! Nice to wear with? Ehm.. skinny jeans I’d say, really I don’t like the bare legs with a skirt or dress above it or leather pants… hello porn-look! Also a nice alternative for when you’re tired of the trousers, those boots bring back the opportunity to wear your dear skinnies 🙂 I have not spotted a nice pair in the (online) shops yet.. have you?

The Row, Stella McCartney

I showed you the leopard printed Louboutin loafers already a yesterday and spotted another leopard pair on The Row’s show. Also Stella McCartney dared to send them down the catwalk but especially in the online shops I see them appearing everywhere. They might be a bit ‘grandpa-ish’ but when combined well they can look so chic! Think black patent leather ones, maybe with some tassels.. a white cropped pantalon and a sheer blouse? Very Chanel I say. 😉 I like them!

Alberta Ferretti and Nina Ricci

Something else that’s on it’s return is velvet. Especially cute in the form of a (quilted) skirt if you ask me, worn with a cable knit jumper for example. Oooh sweet soft material.. I’ve got a crush on you. I’ve always wanted to wear a deep blue velvet gown with a open back with Christmas..

So what do you think? What’s transported to your fall/winter wishlist and what’s not?

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  1. augustus 28, 2011 15:43

    Leuk artikel ! Benieuwd hoe de goedkopere winkels dit vertalen naar hun collecties 🙂

  2. augustus 29, 2011 02:14

    jezus, ik denk toch dat ik een paar trends oversla 🙂
    uiteindelijk wel mooi als je het dragen kan maar mijn lijf protesteert

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