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Mugshots #3

oktober 31, 2011

One week filled with studying for the upcoming exams makes me kind of a homebound-birdie here. So, all snap-shots are made in my home actually, haha. Confronting this 😛 What you see? The first photos I just hád to take because the lightning was só beautiful at that moment. They have that wonderful ‘golden touch’. It is my make-up table, by the way! Then a picture of sparkly water in a Spa blue bottle haha, we can get the sparkly water for free at our faculty, which is awesome if you ask me! Also a lot of pictures of tea, because when fall starts this is my favourite drink. It’s so cosy and I loooove to have all different tastes possible. My favourites are mango, orange, Turkije by Albert Heijn (‘Turkey’ with apple, fig and date) and Vanilla tea by Lipton, by the way. As cherry on top of the cake Albert Heijn also adds awesome texts on their tea bags, which really cheer me up during my rare breaks from studying. It says something like: ‘a moment to relax’ and ‘a short break’. Something less awesome this week was the discovery of a mouse in our kitchen. Well, I do not really have problems with mouses OUTSIDE the house, but they must not dare to come in, let alone dartling around my dishes. Eventually my roomie’s boyfriend kinda solved it by doing our dishes and placing some traps.. Nonetheless, my door has been barricaded with towels from now on! (I’ll save you a pic for the next mug shots-series ;-)).

Happy Halloween by the way! I’m so regretting that I live in a country where we don’t celebrate that, right now. 😦

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  1. november 1, 2011 20:43

    wat een mooie belichting hebben die eerste foto’s

    die gevlochten mandjes op een van de laatste fotootjes heb ik ook 🙂 die zijn echt cute he!!

  2. november 3, 2011 12:25

    Leuke foto’s heb je gemaakt!
    En je hebt trouwens ook een leuke blog, ik ga je volgen 🙂

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