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My ultimate ‘designer-top five’

november 3, 2011

“If you’d save money to buy some designer items, which ones would it be?” That’s the question I asked myself this afternoon during my train journey home. I really thought it through and eventually I came up with this list (no! Not even a YSL Arty ring! And ok: the burberry bag wasn’t on my list in the train, it was added only after browsing net-a-porter ;-)). It’s kinda basic, I would rather invest my money in lifetime basics than some extremely cool but fast-out-of-fashion designer items. That’s funny since I’m usually, when buying high street fashion, tend to allow myself to pay more on really special clothes than simpler basics (I’m not taking the black blazer and black pumps in consideration now..).

So… On the list? Of course a Burberry trenchcoat! It’s thé designer basic among the designer basics, however it was only recently that it made its entry on my designer ‘wish-list’. They’re so pretty, so classic and stylish, so lady-like and just só much better than all trade offs available! Yeah, a Burberry trench would definitely be a wise investment. Next to it the stunning burgundy bag that caught my eye searching for the trenchcoat. It’s beautiful with the golden hardware and would look good with almost all my winter looks. A pair of great Louboutins cannot be ignored on any woman’s list in my opinion, damn I would love to wear red soles once. I really think I would go for a pair of simple, black leather ones then. Even though a stunning pair of red-heeled party shoes would be awfully pretty as well.. or maybe ankle boots? The Super sunglasses are something that I am seriously considering to buy and especially this pair is stunning. Brown glasses look prettier on me than black ones and even though I am a ‘silver-girl’ I totally fell in love with those from the very first moment I spotted them on Karla. Unfortunately, these are sold out at the moment…

The last piece on my humble list is a black Céline luggage bag. They’re awfully expensive of course and their waiting lists are from here to Tokyo and back, nonetheless it is one of the most perfect bags I’ve ever seen. But it’s so, so, so beautiful. Perfect with everything, ultimate outfit-upgrader and extremely classy (that’s something that I absolutely appreciate in designer pieces).

What is your ultimate designer-top five right now? And are you seriously considering to buy something of it?

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