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EVENT | Nelly High Heel tour @ Groningen!

november 25, 2011

Photos by me and

Whatever I said about having a crush on Sweden before, I can ensure you it is like a ten times bigger now. Besides designing amazing shoes and promote them very well, the people from Nelly really are the best: kind, sweet and down to earth. Yesterday, their high heels tour visited my city Groningen, and as I told you before, I was invited as official blogger to help and talk about shoes. Not a bad job to do, right?  Oh, and thanks to those who said ‘hi’ to me! I really like to meet my dear readers in real life!

We’ve always known that shoes, and in particular high heels, drive women crazy and yesterday proved this point to the fullest. Girls who were waiting in front of the door for 5 hours, to get their free pair of heels (apologies on behalf of Nelly for things that did not went as smoothly as it should, outside, we’d never expected it to be such a húge success here!).. Nonetheless, being surrounded with all beautiful heels and high-heel lovers is just a perfect way to spend your evening. It was also nice to finally see the Nelly shoes in real life! On a screen is still always a bit different. Props for the marketing department of Nelly, their promotion strategies are absolutely progressive and ‘at’ what’s happening right now. I selected my top three of the new models (I’ll receive my first choice within a few months, lucky me!):

1) I would not be surprised if this pump is gonna be Nelly’s new best seller. After lusting over Sam Edelman’s Lorissa’s for ages it should not be too strange that ‘Forget your BF’ (awesome name!) immediately caught my eye and conquered a place in my heart. This was also one of the favourites of the marketing girl!

2) A well-deserved second place is for ‘Becky’. Simple, chic but sophisticated due to the subtle studds and fringe. They go perfectly with everything without looking boring! They also sell them in red, which are stunning as well!

3) Then another ‘into your face’ shoe, those will definitely deliver you lots of comments and compliments. They’ll absolutely look great with a black leather pants, basic and neutral coloured sweater/coat/jacket and some red details. Or try them with jeans or a camel coloured trench coat for a completely different feel. Beautiful.

And this was only at 8 o’clock….

With the lovely other bloggers! Amongst them Esmée, Miranda, Whitney


I really hope the girls that attended the party yesterday have had such a great time as I did, despite some strugglings outside. To put it in Coco Chanel’s words: ‘A woman with good shoes is never ugly.’ And damn, she’s right!

Thanks to Joyce from Fashiolista for the invitation!

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  1. november 25, 2011 18:36

    Nice post, I like it so much! And I like your sense of style!!

  2. november 26, 2011 14:05

    Het was leeeeuk! Maar vooral een gekkenhuis haha! Tot snel 🙂

    Xoxo Whitney

  3. november 26, 2011 22:29

    Het lijkt me echt een super leuk event, maar wel héél erg leuk ! De schoenen zien er mooi uit 😉

  4. november 27, 2011 16:04

    Het was ecjt super gezellig, hopelijk weer snel zo’m leuk event. xoxo

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