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november 27, 2011

Lately I’ve seen so many gorgeous shoes that my feet are begging to click some of them home. However, my wallet has some problems with that desire, unfortunately. Here are seven of the most desirable ones I’ve spotted and never forgotten ever since. (random order!)

1. Saw those featured in an ad in the latest (Dutch) Glamour and I fell in love with them almost immediately. They remember me of the chic riding style I loved for so long and still secretly do. A bit of Hermès glamour. Plus that they look awfully comfortable despite the high heel. Unfortunately are those beauties by United Nude a bit pricey: €464.95. but oh how I love them!

2. The Isabel Marant look-a-likes everyone’s talking about. I’m absolutely a fan! Why I didn’t buy them yet? Well, they are still about €170.00 and will most certainly not be ‘in fashion’ for that long, so I doubt whether I think they’re worth it to spend such an amount money on. But gorgeous they definitely are. Supertrash did a good job!

3. Another look-a-like, this time of the Acne Pistol Boots are those by Nelly White Label. However I wasn’t a huge fan of those pistols in the very beginning, I started to like them more and more, and here they are: on my most desirable shoes list! Made out of real leather and suede, ánd with a comfy heel, they must be suitable for almost every outfit and occasion. Considering I still have a gift voucher for attending the Nelly High Heel event, these might be the ones I will pick! What would you buy from Nelly?

4. Golden hardware on an ankle-boot! That should be done more often, cause I LOVE it! By River Island (they always sell the best shoes in my opinion). They also sell them in burgundy, stunning as well. 120 pounds

5. The surprise of the moment is New Look’s webshop, browsing through their collection might definitely result in finding some great pieces like a sequined dress or those sequined ankle boots! If I would not have bought golden glitter heels at Primark already, I’m sure I would not have been able to resist those. 29.99 pounds.

6. Oh dear, someone has a cure for my OBSESSION with sequins and studs? It’s really getting out of hand. What do you think of those ankle boots by River Island? Sure you’ll turn heads wearing those! 95 pounds.

7. I’m also a sucker for (faux!) pony skins on accesories. These remarkable booties can be found at Topshop! 95 pounds.

Which ones are your favourites? I’d really like to know!

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  1. Roanne permalink
    november 27, 2011 13:13

    Definitely love number 5 and 6!

  2. Kiymet permalink
    november 27, 2011 13:37

    Number 2 is my favourite (L) !

  3. november 27, 2011 14:46

    Wauw echt allemaal erg mooi, die enkellaarsjes van RI wil ik nu ook 😉

  4. november 27, 2011 20:51

    Beautiful shoes selection!

  5. november 27, 2011 20:58

    Totally love the river island booties, pistol-ish a likes and the ponyponys. I actually went to a new look in shop at v&d in Den Haag, this afternoon. Cheap and lovely! Saw the pistols at Cinderella for €99, best copy so far. Xo

  6. november 28, 2011 13:14

    I want #4 so badly but there is no River Island in Paris 😦 but all of the shoes are stunners!

    • november 28, 2011 15:40

      They do ship to France, however! So you could always try and order something. 🙂 I believe they run true to size!


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