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The Ultimate Grazianista!

december 6, 2011

Grazia insider, doesn’t that sound like a little girl’s day-dream? Grazia set up a challenge for bloggers to become an insider by searching for the ultimate Grazianista. I am absolutely a fan of such challenges and an idea immediately popped up in my head. I had all things sorted out, however, the girl I pictured as the perfect grazianista (which is one of my very best and eldest friends by the way) was too busy the last week with her studies and then forgot to take with her the dress…. unfortunately. Never mind, problems are there to be solved!

In my opinion, the following would be the perfect definition of a Grazianista: “She shows that she is up to date and has available insider information. She is trendy without wearing only high-end fashion; her self-confidence is striking enough. She loves to sparkle and embraces herself no matter what, even those extra pounds that might come with embracing your life 😉 She is stubborn and sticks to her own ideas and that’s exactly what her friends love her for. Oh.. and of course: a pop of pink should be always there, just to reflect the inner girl that might sometimes be hidden behind (however, never taken over by) the wild child in her.”

De perfecte definite van een Grazianista: “Ze laat zien dat ze up to date is en beschikt over insider information. Ze is hip zonder enkel high-end fashion te dragen; haar zelfvertrouwen is sprekend genoeg. Ze houdt ervan te sprankelen en omarmt zichzelf no matter what, zelfs met die paar extra pondjes die horen bij het omarmen van het leven 😉 Ze is eigenwijs en houdt vast aan haar Ideeën en idealen en dat is precies waarom haar vrienden van haar houden. Oh.. en natuurlijk: een touch of pink mag niet ontbreken, om het meisje in haar weer te geven, die soms verborgen (maar nooit overgenomen!) wordt door de wild child in haar.”

Kate Hudson is in my opinion the perfect embodiment of a grazianista; I love her of course for her gorgeous looks, but especially for her sparkling personality, her humour and charisma. She glows and could have had “embrace life” as her motto tattoed on her ass, haha. But sure, therefore she is too classy, of course 😉 So here a collage of the outfit I picture together with the ultimate Grazianista.

Dress, River Island
Coat, H&M
Lipstick, Nelly
Shoes, Asos
Clutch, Ted Baker via Asos

3 reacties leave one →
  1. december 7, 2011 02:47

    Fingers crossed dat wij gaan winnen!

  2. Roanne permalink
    december 7, 2011 10:25

    Haha lovely video! Hope there will be an outfitpost with your sequined dress soon

  3. december 8, 2011 21:01

    LOL, this is cute! Also, love that fur coat ❤

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