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Outfit 1412’11 | When she was just a girl..

december 18, 2011

.. She expected the world. I’m totally addicted to Coldplay’s new song! It was on repeat all week long, or at least those moments I decided I deserved a small break from studying. I’ll tell you a bit more about my studies, since I always like to read that kind of background information about bloggers myself. I am enrolled in the bachelor program at a university in the very north of the Netherlands, International Business & Management and I am currently in my second year. Right now I’m following three courses, namely statistics, organizational change and business law, which are all nice and interesting (except for statistics, that’s just not for me, I assume). What I really like about my studies is that they provide you with a winner’s mindset (if you don’t try and don’t dare to take risks, you’ll get nowhere), that I absolutely enrich myself regarding my English and presentation skills (I like to challenge myself and to get better at things I find a bit scary) and especially the international scope. We follow courses concerning law, economics, marketing, psychology, finances.. and that’s exactly what makes it so interesting for me! And of course.. the fact that we have to study one semester abroad. I’m currently planning to apply for Canada, which will be so absolutely cool! However, it is difficult to get in there.. So.. here’s what keeps me busy besides clothing and blogging these days 😉 I absolutely believe that you can reach (almost) everything if you just believe in yourself! A goal is a dream with a deadline 😉

Skirt- Zara | sweater – Primark | tights – Primark | shoes – Primark (again a shitload of Primark, haha! Say hello to your cheap-ass blogger ;-))

I wore Chloé Signature

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  1. Roanne permalink
    december 18, 2011 12:48

    Hahaha “again a shitload of Primark”.. awesome!

  2. Myrthe permalink
    december 18, 2011 13:12

    Haha, ik ken dat. Vaak als ik me bedenk waar alles van mn outfit vandaan komt: Primark, Primark, Primark, H&M..:P
    I love the skirt, btw

  3. evelynzls permalink
    december 18, 2011 15:04

    Haha, budget looks zijn leuk, zolang ze er niet budgetlike uitzien. Leuke schoenen!

  4. december 18, 2011 15:11

    Stunning blog keep doing it!

  5. december 19, 2011 17:54

    love love love your sweater!!!


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