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Perfume wishlist

december 19, 2011

Ah, the holidays… perfect moment to share your wishlists without any embarrassment for having so many wishes. If there is anything that I absolutely looove to receive are (how cheesy) perfumes. It is like giving an experience to someone rahter than something material, ‘cause in my opinion perfume is a really important factor in memorizing moments. It is about the feeling a scent can give you, even though you are homeless and jobless, the experience of spritzing a Chanel or Dior perfume can make you feel like you’re a rich woman sitting in front of her dressing table. That’s why I adore scents.

1. Pink Sugar by Aquolina. I have never actually smelled this scent, however I heard so many positive stories about it! Men seem to love this perfume on their girlfriends and wifes.. ain’t that enough to get really curious for it? It is not expensive at all, the only problem is that it is really hard to get here in Europe..
2. Signature by Chloé. Ok, this is a little bit of cheating since I received this one as a ‘graduation’ gift from my parents a couple of months ago when I received my propaedeutic degree.. It deserved a place here since I was craving for it for years. And oh… it smells so delicious and delicate. Loving it!
3. Hypnôse by Lancôme. Or at least: I think this is the one I am craving for. When I took my furry winter coat out of my closet last week, I smelled a delicious scent that I, apparently, tried out in the shops last winter. After doubting and doubting about it, I concluded that it might have been the mysterious Hypnôse.. So, I think I should pay the perfumery one more visit these days in order to find out who mystery man is!
4. Jasmin Noir L’Essence by Bvlgari. This deep, romantic scent is more than perfect for cosy winters with snow and fireplaces (get what I meant with ‘perfume is an experience’? Haha). I actually got it as a present for Sinterklaas, however, we were in doubt whether it was this one (which is a special edition), or the original I was craving for. ‘Sinterklaas’ bought the original one and then I found out I actually wanted the special edition, so we still have to return it for the right one!
5. Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger. A bit tacky maybe, but this is still one of the best smelling scents on me. In my last bottle is still a little bit left, though I should really get myself a new one soon. I álways get compliments when I’m wearing it, but I should warn you that it is probably just its chemistry with my skin, ‘cause others do not really like it on themselves.

I’m always very interested in other’s favourite perfumes, so please don’t hesitate to share it!

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  1. Roanne permalink
    december 19, 2011 12:56

    Coco Chanel Mademoiselle

    ‘Where should one use perfume?’ A young woman asked. ‘Wherever one wants to be kissed,’ I said.‘ – Coco Chanel

    • december 19, 2011 13:58

      Delicious! My mom got it from my dad last year so it really reminds me of her. And that quote is just marvelous, the legendary ms Chanel…

  2. december 19, 2011 19:05

    chloe smells good!

    Travel in Style

  3. kiymet permalink
    december 19, 2011 19:38

    Ik ben nu echt benieuwd naar Pink Sugar 😀 !

  4. december 20, 2011 16:27

    Ik heb Hypnose, die is geweldig!

  5. december 20, 2011 20:47

    Dat luchtje van Chlöe is ontzettend lekker!

  6. december 21, 2011 01:29

    Today I’ve tried Guerlain’s new one, Shalimar! It smells delicious!

  7. december 22, 2011 10:16

    Great selection of perfumes.

  8. december 23, 2011 05:16

    Magnificent! (As usual. 😛 )

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