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Guest blogs by my friends #2 | My most precious posessions

december 26, 2011

For the holidays I asked my friends whether they would like to write a guest blog for my blog, and most of them replied very enthusiasticly =) From some of them – you know who you are! – I haven’t received anything back yet, but hopefully they’ll change their mind ;) My friends are all really, really great and therefore I decided they deserve a place here as well. I asked them all to write about their ‘favourites’, about something that is really representative for them as a person.

Last week you could already read about Roanne’s movietips, and now it is time for Kiymet, who will share her favourite items 🙂 I know her for many years now, since the fourth year of high school and she is always dressed sooo stylish! 🙂 Love her clothes, and her of course, a lot!

Hi all!
My name is Kiymet and for my guest blog here I looked around and took pictures of the most precious material things in my life. First of all the Swarovski earrings that I got from my love 😀 I am super happy with them!
My new dress from WE, with the golden zips in the back is the one I am going to wear for Christmas… Combined with black ankle boots and a short black blazer.
I truly tried all kind of mascaras and I finally discovered my favourite, namely Lash Architect 4D by L’Oréal Paris. They really make my lashes long and volumnious.
I wear hardly any make up, however, whenever I like to wear something colourful, I have my Chanel lipstick (no 148). They absolutely get me lots of compliments =D
And something that I cannot forget are my sky high heels, who are perfect since they complement almost everything.
I think it is really sweet of Marle that she gives us a place on her blog 😉 I whish everyone a warm 2012 full of love!
With love, Kiymet
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  1. juli 9, 2014 01:00

    Hey, that’s the grteeast! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?

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