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Best buys of 2011

december 31, 2011

If there’s anything I love to do it’s making and reading end of the years lists and overviews. I do not have too much time to do so this year, and I do not want to bore you with three lists a day, today, so I’m gonna upload one today and one tomorrow. Oh really, I am such a fan of that special 31th of December feeling: dressing up all day long (I took a shower and did my nails already..) and the rest of the day I will spend with reading ‘best of 2011’s’ lists, watching movies, baking oliebollen and drinking champagne. Tonight there will be some friends over here, together with my family and at one o’clock we will party on in the city center. The dresscode for the party is simple: ‘dress WOW!’ And I am definitely gonna do that! There’s only one day in the year when your outfit cannot get sparkly enough… 2011 brought me lots of fun and amazing things and opportunities. I am really grateful for the wonderful people in my life, the chances and growth of my blog. Thanks to Nelly and the Groninger Museum for inviting me for their crazy events (the Nelly High Heels tour and the opening party of the Azzedine Alaïa exhibition with Naomi Campbell!). Besides the achievements regarding the blog, I am also proud of achieving my propaedeutic degree in 1 year and for the fact that I absolutely love my studies. For 2012 I hope to find and get accepted for an amazing place to do my study abroad and for making more amazing friends and of course: improve and increase my blog! HAVE A GREAAAT AND UNFORGETTABLE NYE, LOVES!!

Leather pants (red and black)I had been craving for red leather pants for so long, and actually kinda given up on them since they were never really pretty or just too expensive. Those by New Yorker are just PERFECT! I wear them really often (a bit too often maybe), and when I bought them I was really in doubt whether I should get the black pair as well. Budget-wise I decided not to do so, which I regretted so much afterwards, of course.. And yes, from that moment on they were always sold out, and none of the other black leather ones I found elsewhere were as pretty as those. So you probably understand my excitement when I bumped into them again 🙂 Now I’m having a hard time putting them off, actually.. Maybe I should set myself a limit of wears per month 😉 Before I become that ‘trashy’ girl who never wears anything else than leather trousers.. Oops, haha.

Vintage dress
Though it is a bit too short to wear it on its own, I adore this dress to the limit. It’s a real treasure. Delicate, festive and perfect for many occasions. I love the shoulder pads, the loose fit, and especially the delicate embroidery and the fact it has long sleeves. I truly believe that long sleeved party dresses are a bit underrated. They are so sophisticated!

Denim blouse

It was on my wishlist for quite a while, however I never actually bought one. When seeing this in at Rhodes, last summer, I decided to finally buy it. Never thought on beforehand that I would wear it só often, it really is one of my favourite pieces now! Goes with everything, during both summer and winter, and perfect to downdress too revealing, sexy or festive looks.

Cognac chino

One of my friends convinced to buy this when I tried it on in the shop. ‘Because it looks incredible on you’. Now, I do not want to give to much space to my selfish gene, however I must admit that I really, really appreciate this one! Perfect colour, perfect fit.. perfect for both day-time as well as a chic dinner. Yep, it’s a keeper, definitely! This is where my love for chinos started…

Golden party dress and nude open toes

Found this dress in the Zara sale last year, for only 8 euros or so. A really good sale find! Ever since I love to wear it for clubbing nights and parties, like here for my grandpa’s 95th birthday last summer. The shoes were sale finds as well, this time from Mango. Though they were a pain in the ass (ok feet) at first, after numerous painful wears they became better and better and the leather formed to the shape of my feet. For now, I can wear them pretty well for almost a whole day! Victory! 😉

Salmon blazer

I got this blazer as a gift from my mom and it really is perfect. The boyfriend fit, the colour.. everything suits perfectly. I wore it numerous times, but for now it is under construction (this lady here somehow managed to make dirty black stains on it, while it is not allowed to be washed..) so.. now my mom’s trying to fix it <3, life is much more fun with this blazer!

Silky, blue blouse

The colour of this blouse is one of the colours that looks best on me (in my own humble opinion ;-)), dark blue. I really love its fit and how it goes with silver and grey. I do not wear it that often though, since it is pretty annoying to wear with a coat, which you need quite often here in Holland!

Which of my buys do you like best and what are your own best buys of this year?

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  1. januari 1, 2012 14:04

    I like your golden dressss (L)

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