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My favourite fashion bloggers

januari 1, 2012

I follow a lot of (fashion) blogs, these days they provide me with even more inspiration than magazines and fashion shows do. Sometimes it happens that I get bored of a blog, and I delete it in my bloglovin’ account, and every month I also add some new great finds. I made a selection of 10 bloggers (random order!) which inspire me, whose posts make me happy and excited and with who I feel I can identify myself. These bloggers inspire me on a daily basis, and I think my personal style is a bit of a mixture of the styles of all these girls below. I let Style Scrapbook and The Blonde Salad out, partly because I think every single one of you is following them, and partly because I might like the following bloggers even a slightly little bit more, to be honest. Though Andy’s really, really great!

5 inch and up
Ever since I discovered Sandra’s blog, I am a huge fan. She embodies sporty chic with a very personal twist. This Finnish girl, living in Britain, wears sweaters with leather, skirts and long coats, caps and braids.. She has all the ingredients: she has an inspirational story, is beautiful, the photos are stunning and her style is.. beyond.

Karla’s Closet
I follow Karla for years and years, and what inspires me the most is how unique and sophisticated her style is. Bloggers like her are rare. Most of her treasures (that’s absolutely the right word for her clothes!) are vintage, which she pairs with new pieces. Seeing that she uploaded a new blogpost really makes me excited!

Come Over to the Dark Side, We Have Candy
Seriously one of the best Dutch bloggers. Cindy barely wears other colours than black, and somehow she manages to always look great, without a single touch of ‘gothic’ or boredom. Nonetheless, I miss personal texts with the outfitposts.. Cindy mainly uploads pictures while I am always curious for the person/life/story behind them. So, maybe a good tip? 🙂

Late Afternoon
We both love pastels and a preppy touch, are not afraid of a little cheetah print or fake fur every now and then, and her name is Blair which actually makes her even more perfect. I love the way she paires things, usually in a unsuspected way while at the same time it looks like those pieces were designed to wear together. Effortless and perfect, might be the best words to describe Blair’s style.

Late Afternoon
Liz’ style is quite similar to Blair’s, colourful, layering, girly and chic. Though I follow her for a longer time than I follow Late Afternoon, I must confess that I like Blair a little bit more. Her style is closer to mine and a bit more attainable. Still, Liz provides me with a lot of inspiration!

After DRK
I never was a ‘basics’ girl, but that is changing now! Mainly due to the Dutch and some Scandinavian bloggers, I assume. They are great in looking awesome in the most basic pieces. Especially Sabrina, I think we can consider her as the queen of basics. She always aims for the best quality and timeless pieces, sometimes paired with something trendy. Acne is her favourite brand, and I think all her followers are fans of the brand as well, now! Or at least I am. Oh and how perfect are her Acne Pistol boots and black Céline luggage bag?! ❤

Nini’s Style
A blog by a real stylist, and she is GREAT at it! I adore almost every single outfit she posts, and every day I hope she has updated her blog. Her style is comparable to Karla’s yet it has less vintage influences. Nini’s outfits are always styled perfectly, she has thought of every single, small detail. Though her wardrobe contains a lot of designer pieces and is therefore not too attainable for us, her style still is so inspirational and her stylist’s tips so useful!

If you’re born as beautiful as Katrina, it must be hard not to become a success in the fashion industry. Her style is classy, sophisticated and her outfits almost always contain some fake fur, which she says to cannot live without during the cold winters in Switzerland. Her pictures are perfect and her most of her clothes are to die for. Something extra are the trillions of different lipstick shades she wears!

Sea of Shoes
Talking ’bout uniqueness: sea of shoes absolutely is one of a kind. Flaming red hair, the most outstanding clothes and fairy-like pictures. You either hate or love it. I would really love to try out her hair-colour once, if I’d only dare to do it….

Fashion Fever
Esmée is one of the Dutch bloggers I follow since I was a little girl of about 12 years old. I do not always like her style and outfits, however, what I find really inspiring is how she can get totally addicted to something and doesn’t rest untill she gets her hands on it. And of course we met at the Nelly high heels event, and I can tell you that she also is a really sweet girl in real life. I am always curious and excited about new posts of her!


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