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Outfit 2612’11 | Boxing Day

januari 2, 2012

Happy New Year lovelies! I hope you all had a great time last Saturday night! I know this post is quite late, I just did not have the time to shoot the outfit earlier. So here it is, the outfit I wore to the family lunch last Monday. As a real woman, I was quite late of course and still had to do a trillion things in the last minute, while my dad and brothers were impatiently waiting in the car (my mom had to work..). Therefore, I still hadn’t my nailpolish on when I jumped in the car which resulted in one of the biggest challenges in my life: painting my nails while being in a car. A bumpy ride it was, I can tell you, haha. But somehow I managed to do quite well, I waited for the moments we had to wait for the traffic lights, quickly painted some nails (while ignoring all the complaints of the men about the horrible smell, haha) and then I held my hand outside the window (amaaaazing how quickly your nailpolish dries then! I would recommend always go for a car ride after painting your nails! ;-)). When we arrived I was perfectly ready and I had a great day with the family 🙂

Vintage dress | shoes – Primark | nailpolish – French Kiss by H&M | lipstick – Sweet Kiss by Bourjois

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  1. januari 2, 2012 16:13

    Wauw, mooi mooi mooi ! Ik heb ook zo’n bloesje als je jurkje, ook vintage ! Je schoenen zijn trouwens ook héél erg mooi !

  2. januari 2, 2012 21:12

    mooi jurkje hoor!

  3. januari 3, 2012 16:29

    Dankjewel allebei 🙂

  4. Jenna permalink
    januari 4, 2012 12:41

    I love it! The dress, the heels, the hair!

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