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My perfume collection

januari 25, 2012

I love perfumes. I adore the idea that a scent can tell a whole story and make a moment even more perfect. Or make you remember a perfect moment. There are a lot of perfumes that I like, and I hardly ever finish one, just because I find it hard to use the ones I love too much. Call me crazy ;-). Here are some pics of the ones I own, some are really old, like the ‘Puma’ ones, others are brandnew.

Ok, let’s start with the more simple fragrances. At the very left side we have Love etc… by The Body Shop. I got this one as a birthday gift from my girls a couple of years ago, and it is a really sweet and light scent. I like it the best for spring. Next to it a classic: Love love de toi by Morgan, also really sweet. I’m not that much of a fan of this kind of scents anymore, but back then it was perfect: girly and not too expensive. I think I wore it when I was fourteen or so. Sometimes, when I am in the right mood, I wear it during summer.  At the very right you see Winter by Zara, usually I think the Zara perfumes are overpriced so I bought this one when it was on sale. It reminds me a bit of Dolce & Gabbana’s The One, which I did not have in my collection yet by then. I still like it a lot, but since it is a bit overwhelming I do not wear it that often anymore. In front you see two scents by Puma, Flowing and Red Woman. I got both when I was in the second class of high school, during shopping trips with my girls. I can hardly stand both of them by now, but back then those were my real treasures, haha!

Here we’ve got four of my favourites together. Dolce & Gababana’s The One is such a perfume that was on my wishlist for ages, I loved it so much but considered it too expensive. When I spotted it for much lower prices on the Internet ( I could not resist it any longer. And I still love it a lot. Everytime I wear it I get compliments from several people about ‘smelling so delicious’. I truly think that is one of the best compliments you can receive! Next to it the classic Burberry Brit, one of my friends used to wear it, and it smelled absolutely delicious on her. I hád to have it too, and was addicted to it for a while. I consider it as my ‘night- out scent’, haha. Those two are my sensual, warm and almost overwhelming scents. Next to them we find two lighter and more friendly perfumes, namely Signature by Chloé and Chance eau fraiche by Chanel. The Chloé one is also such a scent I carried towards the desk several times, intending to finally get myself a bottle, but then, at the very last moment, I decided that I did not need to spend about 60 euros on a new perfume. When I got my propaedeutic degree, my parents finally gave it to me. So, lots of memories for this one 🙂 The Chanel one is actually a hair-perfume, but I wear it as a normal perfume, just on my skin. It is really fresh and not something I would have chosen myself, but I kinda loove it. Though it is more of a summer smell, I love to wear it on those frosty winter days. I got it from my dad when he went on a business trip to Norway :).

“On your left hand you see one of the best perfumes in the world”.. yea.. truth be told. Jasmin Noir by Bulgari.  The jasmin scent with a ‘dark touch’ really lightens my feelings during those cold and dark winter days. I got it for Sinterklaas last year and I looove it. I would have liked it even more if it would have been a bit stronger, though. I am just a heavy-scent lover ;). In the back you see one by Christina Aguilera, which I got as a birthday gift from two male friends 😉 I really love the effort and it reminds me a little bit of Chloé Signature. Up in front the famous White Musk by The Body Shop, which my parents got me for Sinterklaas years ago. At the beginning I kinda disliked it, however as months went by I started to like it more and more. Next to it stands Jil Sander’s Sun, which I looooove for summer. It reminds me of several summer holidays and trips and even several persons. It smells just like sun screen with a perfumy touch and does not hold any alcohol which makes it perfect for usage during summer. Definitely a keeper. Behind it you find Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger, and though most of you probably consider it as a high school scent for young girls, I adore it. It was one of my first “more expensive” perfumes and only used one spritz per month or so, haha. But it still smells delicious on me and it is the one that gets me the most compliments of all my perfumes.

So… I guess this was about it, haha. I am really curious for your favourites, so please share! 😀

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