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Volvo presents Gestuz show @ Amsterdam Fashion Week

januari 29, 2012

Yesterday I had the honour of being invited to the Gestuz fashion show at Amsterdam Fashion Week! Special thanks to Cream PR for inviting me 🙂 I would have loved to stay a bit longer in Amsterdam, however, since I am currently in the middle of my exam weeks, that was not an option this time.

I have been a fan of the Gestuz designs for a long time, especially their jackets are usually beyond amazing. So.. I was really curious for their new collection. To be honest.. I found it a slightly little bit boring, though there were some amazing pieces. Leather is, of course, always good and I would not mind to have some of those olive green leather  trousers or dresses hanging in my closet. My favourite was the parka with leather sleeves.. definitely transferred to my spring wishlist!

The collection was called ‘Through rocks and raves’ and was inspired by the pictures of the Danish photographer Kirsten Klein. You could really feel the raw touch of nature the designers wanted to create, and that is absolutely something that I loved. However, I missed something more innovative what, in my opinion, should always characterize a new fashion collection. It has to bring something new.

In addition, there’s something to say about the whole organization of the show. Me and some other people had to stand in the back, which is of course not really a problem -I was so lucky that I brought some flat shoes as well – however, for those people there were no goodiebags. Not that I am such a greedy person that I cannot live without goodiebags -not at all, though every girl loves presents!- however, I think it was just not a smart idea. The whole goal of a fashion show, especially for a more commercial brand like Gestuz, is to get people connected to your brand and new collection. To increase customer loyalty and brand awareness. And something like 50 ‘missing goodiebags’ is just something that ain’t too smart if you aim to achieve those values. Imagine that you slowly see the area getting crowdy, all happy people unpacking their goodiebags, and you and some other people are waiting for the show to finally start, without any goodiebags.. Not so nice, it really does not give you a good first impression of a brand. And every brand owner knows how extremely important a positive first impression is. As soon as you established that, you have to do something really, really bad to ruin the positive association people have with your brand.. I think it is too bad that Gestuz missed out on this opportunity and forgot about the initial goal of a fashion show.

Nonetheless, it was great to be there and to capture some great items to add to my wishlist and I can only hope that they will learn from their ‘mistakes’. I -or better said, my shoes- were also shot by a streetstyle photographer of the Dutch celebrity Danie Bles, so that really added something more positive to my evening 😉

Le goodiebags
Pictures by meMy three favourite looks (pics by Team Peter Stigter)
Some general pictures taken before and after the show 🙂

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  1. Roanne permalink
    januari 29, 2012 22:32

    I agree,, that’s not a good start of your evening (seeing people opening goodiebags, and not having one yourself).. Like the pictures, but I think the girl on the last picture is more inspiring than the runway models..!

  2. Rose permalink
    januari 29, 2012 23:22

    It must be great to have been there!
    But how is it possible that such a professional organization makes such a amateurish mistake!

  3. januari 30, 2012 10:44

    Supergaaf dat je erbij mocht zijn! Wat een #fail van de goodiebags trouwens

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