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Birthday girl – some updates

februari 14, 2012

Hi girls! Today, on Valentine’s day, I turned 20 years old… mán that number sounds so… óld! I planned on a super chill day with my friends and lots of fun stuff like painting our nails, drink lots of tea and wine and some serious partying afterwards. However, it turned out to be a slightly different day than I had in mind. Yesterday, my birthday started off with a really great kick-off party with my friends from the board, they brought me champaign and sung Happy Birthday for me while I was standing on a chair (just like when we were kids! :)). Unfortunately, when the night almost became morning, some girl jogged -by accident- against my glass of beer which then jogged against my tooth.. which broke. I started panicking and even fainted for some moments. Sooo scary. I was lucky with them taking care of me so extremely well ❤ But still.. quite a shocking start of your twentieth birthday, isn’t it?

Today I cancelled all my plans to go and see the dentist, who fixed my teeth in a really pretty way. There was some good news as well though. I may not have made it into a Canadian universtiy for my study abroad period next year, however, I got accepted for Eastern Michigan University in the US! Still a bit disappointed about Canada, though I am sure my time in Michigan will be absolutely GREAT as well! For now I’m gonna close down the laptop and enjoy the last hours of my birthday..And tomorrow I will give it a second attempt..

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful Valentine’s day, whether you celebrated it or not! 🙂

PS. Below some pictures that I recently came across, and which I believe are really, really cool. The designs are by Chris Ran Lin but are not being sold, I believe.

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  1. Judith permalink
    februari 15, 2012 19:53

    Aah darling! Hope you have had a nice (second) birth-day-day! Really looking forward to monday (able to see your new teeth)!

  2. februari 15, 2012 22:39

    Nog van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag 😀

    Wat vervelend van je tand, ik zou ook totaal in paniek zijn gelukkig is het super snel hersteld.
    en de US klinkt echt super tof zeg!


    • februari 16, 2012 18:13

      Dankjewel! Ja, was zeker even schrikken, maar achteraf valt het gelukkig mee 🙂 Haha ja, ik praat al een paar dagen nergens anders over dan de US 😛

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