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Spring/Summer 2012 Wishlist

februari 27, 2012

Finally, here it is: Marle’s official spring/summer 2012 wishlist! Of course many things will be added, however.. maybe I’ll try to stick with the list and make really strict decisions while buying new things this season. Would be wise sometimes, to think twice before doing an impulse purchase. So here’s what on the list now.. Please share your own wishes/list in the comments! It’s always so nice and inspiring to see what others are longing for 🙂

Photo by AfterDRK

  • First of all, I would like to have a white fishnet top with a racerback. The one above, worn by Sabrina from AfterDRK in a wonderful outfit, is from Isabel Marant, which I consider a bit too pricey, haha. So I’m currently searching for a high street alternative! It’s perfect to implement the hot sporty style into your outfits in a really subtle way.
  • Neon yellow and apricot nailpolish, which I already got, see here.
  • Neon yellow heels, which I already got as well, see here and here. Also great for a pop of sporty chic.

Photo by Stylescrapbook

  • White leather H&M Trend skirt. They do have them in black already in the shops, but I’m patiently waiting for the white one to arrive there. It works perfectly with pastel shades, especially mint. And some tanned legs, haha.
  • White low All Stars, man.. now I realise for how many white items I’m craving this season, haha. I planned on buying these last year already, but I ended up with many new sandals and heels instead, oopsiedaisies. Never mind, this time I’m absolutely going to get them, and wear them ‘till my feet hurt (which must be quite a challenge).
  • Pink H&M blazer, which I wrote about earlier. I tried it on in the shop and it really worked so well for my figure! Would love to wear it with my black leather pants now, and when it becomes a bit warmer it’s also perfect with white shorts/skirts/dresses.
  • Parka with leather sleeves. I looooove these so much! However, pretty hard to find and everytime I do find one, it is really expensive. So, now I decided to search for a really cheap parka and DIY the leather sleeves myself. Haven’t found a nice cheap one yet, so all suggestions are more than welcome!
  • Brown biker boots. I believe those Sacha boots are sooo cool and also absolutely suitable for spring, with white fabrics for example.

Photo by Sea of Shoes

  • Brown leather gilet. Pretty difficult to find a nice one, however.. a beautiful vintage one can look great with some white or light washed shorts.
  • Light washed destroyed jeans. Perfect with the brown biker boots for example! Those jeans always work wonders for the spring season, and this time we even go a step further with the well-known Acne destroyed boyfriend jeans, which I personally don’t like. So I’ll go for a trust-worthy skinny jeans 🙂

  • A statement necklace. I do not really have one yet but they’re great on a simple white or grey tee or with a basic dress. I love this one from Baublebar incredibly much.. unfortunately it costs 137 dollars and they do not ship outside the US, haha. Unattainable love.
  • A black sweater with patent leather sleeves. For the perfect sweater above goes the same reasoning as for the statement necklace: too expensive.. This one is by Karl Lagerfeld and costs 120 euros, which is quite a lot for a non-basic if you’d ask me. It is really great though, and would look stunning with simple black pants and some good heels.

  • I believe that everyone of us is craving for those ankle-cuffs ever since Jak & Jil first published the pic. Never ever spotted them anywhere though…
  • Printed and pastel coloured jeans. J. Brand and Citizens of Humanity have really cool ones for example!
  • Last but once again definitely not least are some designer sunglasses. After years of considering them to be way too expensive, I finally want to buy a pair this year. I am still in doubt which brand I will choose, so stay tuned!


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  1. Myrthe permalink
    februari 27, 2012 11:49

    Zo te lezen heb je wel iets met leer he! Ik ben eigenlijk vooral benieuwd wat voor statement neckless je gaat kopen! 🙂

    • februari 27, 2012 11:51

      Haha ja ik houd ontzettend van leer! Moet er een beetje mee gaan oppassen denk ik 😛

  2. Roanne permalink
    februari 27, 2012 12:27

    Nice post, Love the parka and the fishnet top!
    And I’m afraid my wardrobe is also craving for a new jeans.. poor poor bank account

    • februari 27, 2012 13:20

      Thank you! Haha, I have the same problem: forgot to add a Levi’s jeans to the list..

  3. februari 27, 2012 14:59

    Van zulke posts word ik altijd wat triest (bankaccount) 😀
    De bikerboots staan ook mijn lijstje, de witte Allstars check, neon nagellak ❤ en de H&M trend, hou maar op.

  4. februari 27, 2012 15:10

    Hahaha H&M Trend zou verboden moeten worden inderdaad 😛
    Ik ga het in kleine stapjes proberen af te werken, maar mezelf kennende koop ik uiteindelijk maar 3 dingen ofzo van mijn originele wishlist 😛

    • februari 27, 2012 15:12

      Haha dat zou positief moeten zijn 😀

      Ik heb ook echt, vooral door blogs, dat als je alles van je wishlist hebt, de volgende 20 musthaves er alweer bij zijn gekomen #fail

  5. februari 27, 2012 21:26

    Wauw heel erg mooi, vooral alle lichte dingen 🙂 XOXO

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