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Favourites from the new collections

maart 5, 2012

In the new Supertrash collection are some great items to be found! The colours used are really happy and summery, styled with some safari-like colours as brown and camel. Especially the suit and the mellow yellow colours are extremely nice if you’d ask me. The sneakers remind me a little of the Isabel Marant ones, however.. I really appreciate that they gave it a quite unique and personal twist. The mellow yellow colour is something that I personally prefer over the neon yellow in most cases. Though neon yellow can be really cool as well, and I am absolutely a fan of it, I think it’s more perfect for accesories than clothing.

MTWTFSS Weekday is a Swedish brand (what is it with all those GREAT brands and shops from Sweden?!) that I recently discovered. They have the greatest blouses, especially those with the paisley prints are so totally perfect for spring! It’s funny to see the difference with the Supertrash collection, this one is much more minimalistic and focused on blues and whites. The blouse in the upper left corner matches the current ‘undersea’ trend as seen in e.g. the Chanel show, perfectly. Unfortunately it’s not being sold in the Netherlands, so maybe I should plan a trip to Germany soon!

Surprisingly, COS still has many dark colours in its collection.. Not that I don’t like them, but I just think that we’re longing quite much for some brights at the end of a dark winter. My favourites are, again, a suit, some great sculptured tops and a sports-like pants, which can look incredibly cool with black heeled sandals and a tailored jacket or blazer for example :).

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  1. Roanne permalink
    maart 5, 2012 14:41

    Love the pieces you picked from MTWTFSS Weekday, I wanted to start with love the black top but then I found out that I like each single piece you picked haha! Not a big fan from the new COS collection, although I really like the brand

  2. maart 5, 2012 15:21

    Vind vooral de items van supertrash heel leuk!

  3. maart 6, 2012 11:39

    Wauw, dat eerste bloesje van MTWTFSS Weekday is echt super super suuuuuuper mooi! Vind de nieuwe COS Collectie niet zo tof, jammer genoeg. Vind het meestal net wél een super leuk merk 🙂 …

  4. maart 6, 2012 15:43

    Love weekday, wou dat ze ook in NL hadden!

  5. maart 6, 2012 20:26

    Haha wat leuk dat jullie ook allemaal zo weg zijn van de Weekday collectie! En COS is inderdaad jammer.. maar misschien dat ze binnen een paar maanden, als de echte zomercollectie komt, weer net zulke mooie spullen hebben als normaal!

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