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Outfit 0903’12 | Around the world, around the world

maart 11, 2012

So. We did it. We went to the gym (ehh dirty word). I attended a lesson BOMmen (which stands for Bewegen Op Muziek in the plural form, which is in English something like: moving on music. And ‘bommen’ is ‘bombing’…so…). Yeah, you would expect something fun like Zumba, don’t you? Well, I can assure you: you step into hell. A hell where Rihanna’s ‘We found love’ is one of the relaxing and slowdown songs, where running is a break and you’re actually glád that you can run XXX rounds and a hell where your instructor (thin and toned as a Victoria’s Secret model) screams and behaves as if she’s training an army. Perhaps this is the only way to get female students actually moving 😉

You better bring a partner in crime with you, like I did, and the best one is one that you hear saying every two seconds: omg, I think I’m gonna throw up (because she partied all night long, causing that she only had two hours of sleep, had potatoes for breakfast, missed her lecture and still has a hangover at half past 6 in the eve 😉 Oh well, I’m losing track). So, besides a lot of jumping, we did push ups (I’ve never been good at that, the planking thing.. guess my ass is simply too heavy), more jumping, moving our legs all around (which caused some regular other comments from my company: ‘Jeeeezz, Marle, which leg are we moving now, the other already?’. Life can be confusing when you’re having a huge hangover, you know. But, applause, applause, we somehow made it to the end, though our heads were closer to purple than red or, let alone, normal nude colours. And then we had a well-deserved pasta, welcome home carbs and calories! Next week we’re going again.

Chinos – Vero Moda | shirt – H&M | cape – Zara | heels – Zara

I wore my mom’s Pure White Linen Light Breeze by Estée Lauder. I once gave it to her for her birthday, and she just got herself a new bottle. The smell reminds me so much of her, Estee Lauder is just great.

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  1. maart 11, 2012 16:44

    Die schoenen blijvenecht prachtig!



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