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Some favourite looks

april 4, 2012

Lately, I got inspired by many people around me, wearing great, GREAT outfits but also while browsing numerous webshops, finding the greatest pieces. Of course it is impossible – unfortunately – to buy everything myself, however, I still wanted to share it with you guys. ‘Cause sometimes things are just too good not to share 🙂

Lóving this look right now! I wish I could transfer it all straight-away into my closet. I found the blouse first and added it to my fashiolista profile. Then, while browsing on net-a-porter, I came across this amazing Gucci pants.. they are of course way overpriced, but still.. so beautiful. I decided to pair it up with some cool retro sunglasses from my – by far – favourite sunglasses brand SUPER Sunglasses. I swear, they make the best ones. That gorgeous, springy, hint of green is gonna come back on the nails and I decided to top it off with some great accesoiries such as the white satchel, a strawy hat and simple but great sandals. In my opinion, no look is complete without a perfume, which adds a certain feeling to a look. The overall look gave me some sort of Parisian-chic feeling (I could totally imagine myself, wearing this, strolling through Le Champs-Elysées or sitting on a hot terrace, nipping from my prosecco), so therefore I decided to add YSL’s lovely Parisienne.

Blouse – Topshop (30 pounds) | pants – Gucci (995 USD) | sunglasses – SUPER Sunglasses (€180.00) | sandals – Zara (€69.95) | nailpolish – OPI Green-wich Village | satchel – H&M (€19.95) | perfume – YSL Parisienne | hat – H&M (€7.95)

A look with pretty mixed styles: chic and edgy, just the way I like it! I loooove the Willows by Isabel Marant and the BaubleBar statement necklace (unfortunately, they do not sell outside the US..) and of course, the parka with leather sleeves is another favourite of mine. What do you actually think of the Willows? 🙂

Parka – Zara | sneakers – Isabel Marant | sweater – COS | necklace – Baublebar | jeans – I forgot, oops (A)

This look is fully based on the outfit of a girl from my studies. I was on the bus with her a couple of weeks ago and she was tótally rocking those Timbalands and a huge, warm parka (the weather wasn’t too sunny yet, back then). Imagine that she really is a petite and I think you will understand it looked quite impressive. I would never buy Timbalands myself, but I must admit they can look pretty, pretty stylish!

I created this collage a while ago and to be honest, I forgot where I took the several items from… sorry babes!

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  1. Roanne permalink
    april 4, 2012 14:02

    Love the collages! Can imagine how great the girl looked on the bus,, still want timberlands, but I think they are just a bit too expensive..

    Btw: Zara (trf) has a parka with leather sleeves as well right now, and it’s less expensive then the one in your collage (so if you’re still craving for one, check out the website!)

    • april 4, 2012 14:23

      hmmm yeah, they’re not cheap, however.. if you really want them for such a long time, I think you should do it 😉

      Thanks for the tip by the way 🙂 But unfortunately I like the original one better, haha.

  2. Evelyn permalink
    april 4, 2012 14:21

    Ja ik vind Timberlands er soms zo cool uitzien, bij mij helaas niet. Wish!
    Give me all the items ^^

  3. april 6, 2012 03:58

    We like every piece of these sets!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  4. april 7, 2012 12:06

    Very Nice Blog…. Share My Blog…

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