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Friday Favourites week 14

april 6, 2012

Okay, I’m gonna introduce to you a new series of blogposts, namely the Friday favourites 🙂 I absolutely do not deserve any credits for this, since I totally stole the concept from several other bloggers. It’s just that I love it so much and I hope you will too!Me myself, I am a real sucker for any lists of favourites (my own or other’s) because they are só inspirational!

Favourite movie – Last Night

I had a pretty hard time choosing a favourite movie, since I was planning a seperate movie-post anyways.. (would you like that?), but eventually chose for Last Night, which I saw about two weeks ago. It is about a happy couple, who are cheating on each other at exactly the same night. Starring Keira Knightley (which of her characters do we not love?!) and her absolutely stunning husband Sam Worthington (new object of desire, ladies!). It may not have the best reviews, but every wise woman knows that those are being written by grumpy, arrogant men that cannot value a high-standard chickflick with a really serious twist in it the way it should. Those men that like the A-team you know.. just never take their opinion seriously 😉

To be honest, I hardly have a clue what the A-team is. (Which must give you enough trust in me recommending this movie to you ;-))

Favourite blogger – The Man Repeller

I have clicked through Leandra’s blog before, and somehow it never really captured me. Now that I stumbled into her blog again last week, I am totally hooked! Leandra is so much fun and she writes the best, cheerful texts, which will totally make your day! For me, as a blogger, I wish I could have ‘that extra bit of Leandra’.. especially when reading things like this: “And so here’s a call to welcome rain back whenever it pleases. I’ll wait on a stoop in the West Village, smiling and looking like I just ate cake.

I did just eat cake. “ She also recently published a post on why shoes are such a big deal to most women, and why they are instantly able of making us happy. I would really recommend you to read the comments from her readers on that post, ‘cause there are definitely some really interesting theories!

Favourite song – I Was Made For Loving You by Maria Mena

Nothing but love for this wonderful cover by Maria Mena, that I actually found by accident. I think best things in life are being discovered when you least expect them, don’t they? Anyway, the soft, sensual feeling the song gives me is just really, really great.

Oh yes: It’s best with the volume wide open 😉

Favourite piece added through Fashiolista – Dali wedge by Sigerson Morrison

A bit pricey, but oh so good. The perfect pair of classy wedges, with a very on trend twist. They would look great with actually EVERYTHING of my summer wardrobe…

Favourite book – Santa Montefiore

These books have been recommended to me by friends so many times, but somehow I never took the actual step and started reading one. Now that I did, I totally understand their passion for the books, and admit it: books written by a woman named after the man who brings you presents every year just must be good 😉 I am a huge fan of those idyllic love stories, where the romantic story telling is just só great.. (which is why I love Philippa Gregory’s The other Boleyn girl so much as well).

Do you have any recommendations to us for this week? Or are there things you would like to now my favourite of? Tell me! 🙂

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