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Outfit 2604’12 | Snapshots of a moto girl

april 27, 2012

So, last exam down and the first thing I did was – besides buying the new Dutch Vogue yesterday – checking out all my unread blogposts on bloglovin’. With the stats counting over 400 ones, haha! Not entirely done yet, but I wanted to put on a new post myself first. So here’s what I wore yesterday, I kinda had to releave all exam frustrations which kinda resulted in great pictures with less great faces haha! So here are the photos that survived. Kinda love the combi of rocking leather and pastels! Have a great Friday, loves! Almost weekend!

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Pants – New Yorker | shoes – thanks to Nelly | cardigan – H&M

I was wearing Tommy Girl!! Still loving that scent so incredibly much ❤

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  1. Evey permalink
    april 27, 2012 10:54

    Leuke foto’s!

  2. april 27, 2012 12:30

    Wat een mooie plaats waar je foto’s maakt!

  3. april 27, 2012 13:23

    mooie outfit meid, vestje is echt prachtig!

  4. april 27, 2012 15:07

    your hair is gorgeous!!!!!!!!

  5. april 27, 2012 23:49

    Wat een leuke outfit weer. 🙂

  6. april 28, 2012 17:00

    leuke outfit 🙂 xx

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