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Last weeks – Diary

mei 5, 2012

Yep, missed one week due to the Qday-thingy, so here are extra much photos of my life from the last weeks. As you know, I had exams and when they were done, I bought myself a little gift in the form of the newest copy of the Dutch Vogue! I read it on the train to my parents.

When me and my friends are studying in the university library all day long, we like to take a break from it by going out for dinner. Here you see a spinache tortellini á la carbonara with mozarella and rucola salad from Julia’s, a small restaurant at the station. Also, we went to the great Wagamama, a Asian restaurant, where I had the above Chicken Curry (Chicken Katsu Curry). I would definitely recommend it, so delicious! We also went to a pizzeria that week, hmm going out for dinner is just so much fun and the best reward for studying so hard!

The first icecream of the year and – I hope – last hot chocolate of the year all in one week: so incredibly inconsistent is the weather in Holland at the moment. My hands look kinda dirty because of the orange paint that was in my hair for queensday: at the end of the day nothing was left in my hair, it was all on my hands, haha.

Yesh, some more foodie pictures! Haha. You see the my secret weapon: a delicious cake that seriously wins everyone’s heart. Everytime someone new tastes it, he’ll ask me for the recipe. And it’s so simple! Just bake a normal cake, follow the recipe on the box it comes in, but only add two large spoons of cacao to the mix. Then put it in the oven, take it out and let it cool down a bit. Afterwards you melt a chocolate bar and put it on top of the cake. Here I also added some frozen raspberries, which was delicious as well! Nachos is some other hit are nachos: just buy cheese nachos, add some crème fraiche, sweet chili sause and lots of cheese and let it all melt in the oven. Mmmm.

And some photos from queensday!

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