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EDITORIAL | Working on my fitness

mei 14, 2012

The sports trend is one of my favourite trends this season! Especially Isabel Marant and Alexander Wang designed as if it was a race they had to win. Perforated fabrics, sportsshoes, parkas, some neons and fabrics we usually only see in leisure and sports clothing were all around. Most well-known are probably the Isabel Marant Willow sneakers, which I personally adore. I think it is a trend you either hate or love (as is with most of the trends this year), however, we can be glad that we can still wear our high heels with it!

Shorts, topshop, 32 pounds Bag, Zara, €59.95 Coat, H&M, €59.95 Heels, Zara, €25.95 Blue top, Nelly, €34.95 Sneakers, Topshop, 48 pounds Black heels, Topshop, 40 pounds Tan – orange heels, Topshop, 84 pounds Bralet, Topshop, 16 pounds Dress, Nowhere via Nelly, €69.95 White fishnet top, Nelly, €49.95

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  1. mei 14, 2012 22:03

    ik word hier zo hebberig van hihi, heel leuk!

  2. mei 15, 2012 03:52

    So into the Sporty look also. Love all your picks.

  3. mei 15, 2012 10:23

    Ohhhh,I would for some pieces:)

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