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Last week – Diary

mei 22, 2012

I think it’s unbelievable how many knock-off Isabel Marant booties hit the stores right now. Some better than others. I must say I kinda liked this attempt by a local store in my hometown. Though they are not close to being as pretty as the real deal.

I tried on this outfit while shopping with my mom and brother last Monday and decided to take it home! I wore the blouse already in Sunday’s outfitpost and I’m sure you can expect photos of the short and blouse together pretty soon!

Afterwards we had a drink on a sunny roof terrace, first time this year!

My to read pile! I love reading a lot, however, lately I cannot really find the time. Especially books like those above (non-novels) are taking up so much time and I really have to be in the right mood for it. Lately, I find myself preferring movies over books, especially because I have to read all those business-related books already for my studies. Hopefully I will find some time during summer!

Excusez-moi for the lil’ unappealing photo of the pizza, haha. I had dinner with a friend last Wednesday, after a shopping spree for her and I was halfway my pizza when she suddenly screamed: STOP! You have to take pictures for your blog! Well, thanks for reminding me! The pizza looks kinda weird with that egg on it, I know, but I wanted to try something new and it was surprisingly good actually! The pasta below is made by my dad, with beef and tsatziki and was delicious as well!

Fell in love with this outfit at Zara (those studds on the shorts! <3). Didn’t buy it though!

On Saturday, me and a friend took a 9 km (!!) walk through the royal forest which is quite beautiful. The weather was wonderful, and it felt really good to catch up with each other while at the same time doing something really healthy. On Sunday, we had familyday in the countryside, where we walked another 5 kms! Healthy weekend!

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  1. mei 22, 2012 19:21

    hele leuke Diary meid! ben niet meer aan groningen toegekomen vandaag met dit weer in de trein is niet echt een pretje denk ik 🙂


    • mei 22, 2012 19:22

      Haha dat kan ik me heel goed voorstellen! Laat maar weten wanneer je ons met een bezoekje komt vereren 😉

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