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Last week – Diary

mei 30, 2012

Le Kitchen; brother’s ‘last minute fix’ attributes. I loved how they were laying there, waiting for a spontaneous outburst to go to the city whatsoever. The perfume, Play by Givenchy is by the way one of the most delicious scents for men if you ask me! So if you’re still on the hunt for a gift for someone: make sure you check this one out!

On Mondays I always have dinner with my board. We did a drinking game, with this as the result… No worries, also my other arm and entire back were filled with tattoos 😉 I was so lucky that they could not find the water resistent black marker, otherwise it would’ve been funny to go sunbathing in bikini in the park…

..Because yeah, the next day and all days following that day I spent in the park, enjoying the first bits of sunshine this year! Last year, at Rhodes, my friend brought this sunscreen that smells after coconut and I just had to have it this year. The smell is beyond amazing and immediately took my thoughts back to Rhodes, moreover, it is an oil, meaning that you get tanned faster and more beautiful. Oh and I just love that it was developed for surfers. I think deep, deep down in my heart I’m actually an Australian/Hawaiian surfer 😉 Ready to get attacked by a shark – ‘cause that would be my greatest fear, just like the movie ‘Soul Surfer’. Ok.. ehm back to business haha. SOS package for the park? Music, sunscreen, some other delicious smelling beautyproducts like a bodysplash, fruits, friends and something to read. I’ve hear a lot about this book and I must say that it starts really good!

On Thursday, after having dinner in the park, we went to the city for some drinks on a terrace and also Saturday I had dinner and drinks with friends on a terrace. Good times!

Feeling hot! I think it’s so cute how he lies and rolls over 🙂

I did some biking workouts of about 20/25 kms each! Much better than running, haha!

Impressed by Vogue’s health initiative! All editors in chief, all around the world (19 countries!!) will put effort in changing the current view on the ideal female body, since it’s getting out of hand (models getting thinner and thinner, younger and younger). Since Vogue has a major influence in the fashion industry as well as on the ‘regular woman’ they can make a difference! Really, really great job!

Some prints that look ridiculously lovely together and the amaaaazing new dress I bought yesterday. I found out that I have hardly any summer clothes (last two years I spent all my money on trips basically), and there was hardly anything out there that I liked enough. Well, I saw more than enough pretty bottoms, but I was on the hunt for summer dresses and tops. Incredibly happy that I found this beauty, though!

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  1. mei 31, 2012 09:16

    Leuke post dit! En respect voor je fiets workout!

  2. mei 31, 2012 09:37

    Leuke diary! Wat goed dat je veel fietst & wat een mooi jurkje!

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