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juni 24, 2012

I still had some leftovers from this post stored on my computer, of which I back then decided that they did not fit in the overall atmoshphere of that post. Nonetheless, they are too good – in my humble opinion – to be stored away, so I decided to dedicate a second post on this look.

Yesterday I spent on planning my US-experience. I have about one month left in December/January for traveling the country, and I like to fantasize and plan a bit of that journey up front. Currently, I’m thinking about either California/Utah or Arizona/Nevada, seeing LA, maybe Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon and some national parks or Florida/Miami/New Orleans and maybe Hawaii. Would loooove to pay the Virgin Islands a visit too – as I know from my friend google they are way too beautiful, but I cannot do it all! Oh and dear.. Cuba’s just transferred to the very top of my places-to-visit list, gosh what an amazing place.

Have a relaxing Sunday! xx

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Shorts – Zara | blouse – H&M Trend | sandals – Invito | cap – New Yorker

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  1. juni 25, 2012 18:46

    Wat een leuke outfit!!

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