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June’s Outfits

juli 6, 2012

Primadonna girl

Taking PJ dressing to the next level

Friday Afternoons

Keeping my balance


The unpublished

Taking the houseparty outside

Pre-holiday sensation

With June ended and July started a bunch of new and exciting things are approaching rapidly. This summer really promises to become one to never forget. After my final exam, which will be next Friday, I will fly to Croatia that Tuesday with a few of my very best friends, which I’ve known for years already (we met in high school!). It is so great to spend time with people that know you and your flaws and strengths through and through. After, I will maybe join my parents for a week in Italy (still my by far favourite holiday destination!), whereafter in August I will go to Hamburg, Germany for a few days with my board. And as if this all isn’t enough already, at the end of August the REAL ADVENTURE will start: my half-a-year abroad in the States! I cannot wait, and yes, I’ll probably talk about it in every post that I post from now on 😉

Here’s what I wore in June, share your favourite! I think I put my bets on PJ dressing, Friday afternoons and Keeping my balance! Have an amazing start of your weekend, honeys!

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  1. juli 7, 2012 23:55

    Hele gave outfits! Vooral die ene met de gele blazer, zo mooi! x

  2. juli 10, 2012 16:29

    Taking the houseparty outside is mijn favoriet!

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