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Object of desire

juli 8, 2012

Some days ago, I talked already about the perfection of the sandal and how it represents my summers. Nothing is more perfect than a good sandal, preferably made out of leather and hand crafted like these. Seriously, if you’re still looking for some perfect sandals and you’re willing to invest, take a look at the more than perfect ones by Ancient Greek Sandals. The ones above, called Ikaria after the wonderful old-greek myth, have turned into my newest object of desire (the Isabel Marant Willows are still proudly wearing that title, funny how mostly the objects of desire are shoes…).

The myth tells about an inventor Daedalus and, his not that intelligent son Icarus. Daedalus was ordered by king Minos to build a labyrinth for the Minotaur, the monster torturing the island. When he was done, the king told him that he did not want anyone in the world to know the solution of the labyrinth, and therefore he imprisoned Daedalus and his son in their own maze. They made it to get out of it but were still locked up on the island, embedded between tha angry king and the sea. But Daedalus wouldn’t be the inventor he was if it wasn’t him to come up with a solution: he built himself and his son wings out of feathers and beeswax and told his son the following: “Son, you must fly right behind me, if you will fly too low, the feathers of your wings will get wettened by the sea water, will get too heavy and you will fall down in the sea. If you fly too high, on the other hand, the beeswax will melt because of the son and you will fall down into the sea as well.” It went well for a long time, untill Icarus, who clearly hadn’t inherited his father’s brightness, couldn’t resist to fly like the birds towards the son anymore. And as his father forecasted, the beeswax in his wings melted and he fell down into the sea… Which is why we call it the Icarian sea nowadays 🙂

Well, isn’t that a nice bedtime story and wonderful idea behind a shoe?

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  1. juli 15, 2012 22:01

    Oh, I love these!

  2. juli 19, 2012 19:37

    Apart, maar wel gaaf!

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