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Outfit 1607’12 | Blogger turns ballet dancer

juli 20, 2012

I always find it so inspiring when movie stars say that they like it so much to get under the skin of a character, pretend you’re living the life of someone totally different from yourself. I think about how my life would look like when I would have made different decisions quite often actually.. What if I would have studied medicines instead of the opposite, business? (Which was my original plan actually!). If I would have decided to join a student association, if I would have learned how to play piano/tennis or did more crazy things in my life. What my life would be like if I would somehow be famous or extremely good at something. It’s really good to review those options and ideas, in my opinion.. I think it gets you straight to what you really want to achieve in life. To get back to the actors, I think having a fashion blog is somewhat similar: it is wonderful to express yourself through dressing and one piece can absolutely remind me and take me back to great memories. Always keep on dreaming 🙂

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Skirt – Zara | sweater – Zara | shoes – Zara (old collection)

I was wearing Chloé

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  1. juli 22, 2012 12:16

    Die trui vind ik erg mooi!


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