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Essentiels #02 {Summer edition}

augustus 6, 2012

You were all very enthousiastic when I posted the first Essentiels post, with some of my current favourite beauty products. Now that it is summer, my beauty ‘routine’ (for as far as I have one), changed a bit and when in Croatia I decided I should do a new Essentiels post.

Most importantly during summer are sunscreen products. I must confess that I always claimed not to get sunburned when I was younger, I now know that protecting yourself against UV radiation (both A and B!) is of extreme importance. Sunshine causes, besides terrible diseases, also up to 90% of your wrinkles.. More than enough reasons to pick a good sunscreen! I love this one, which was developed for surfers and has a delicious coconut smell. Plus, it is an oil, so it will improve the potentials for a beautiful, equal tan. I also use a special sunscreen for my hair, since it is already quite dry because of my curls. This one, from The Body Shop works really well for me, protecting my hair against the rude mediterranian sun and salt from the sea. Besides, it creates the most perfect beachy curls!

A body splash is also heavenly to cool down a hot-from-the-sun skin. As a refresher on the beach or as skincare after a shower. This one, from H&M,  is so much fun with its glitters and smells after summer because of the combination of lime and coconut!

As for perfume, Jil Sander’s classic SUN is still my top favourite. Not overwhelming, without alcohol (so it can handle the sun and doesn’t dry your skin) and just a perfect, subtle, delicious smell.

As for make-up: I prefer to wear as few as possible. Besides some mascara, I like to use bronzer in the evening, to highlight the tan on my face 🙂 This one is from Essence and has some subtle shimmers.

What are your summer beauty top products? Please share!


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