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VILA Confidence is not for sale campaign

augustus 6, 2012

VILA asked me to join forces for their new Confidence campaign. It focuses on young, fashion-conscious women who are not afraid to show their sensuality and feminity, but who also wear an attitude recognized as confidence. Since I believe that confidence can turn a regular girl into a woman who makes heads turn and necks twisted, I was more than happy to say yes to their offer.

Like’s been said in the quote at the start of this article, confidence is that extra force that cannot be bought in even the most expensive shops. Whereas beautiful clothes, well-cut or even from a top designer’s hand, a pair of high heels and make-up can definitely boost our ego, figure and mood, nothing will look fabulous on you when it’s not for the right charisma. It is that thing that will turn a regular outfit into a stunning one, no matter what.

I am happy that more and more brands start focusing on the inside as well (Dove for example and also Vogue with their Health Initiative) and I absolutely think VILA’s campaign contains a message that we must bear in mind. Be happy with who you are, keep improving yourself and keep smiling. The clothes will do the rest.

What is your opinion?


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