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15 sensible investments this summer

augustus 12, 2012

I used to give a list of 15 pieces that are wise to invest in for the current/upcoming season. As some sort of guide in your shopping behaviour. Shops and apparal can get us overwhelmed, causing bad investments in pieces that you only wear a few times or which you do not like that much after all. Well.. although summer is on its retour already (or has never really started here in Northern Europe..), I still like to keep up with the tradition and provide you one after all. I was really, really busy the last months before the holidays hit off and even now, when I’m ”free”, I have a lot to take care of for my study abroad in Michigan, USA coming September(!!). That’s the reason why I haven’t post one earlier. Nonetheless, here it is, finally!

1. A flapper dress
The roaring twenties are back and what is a better way to celebrate than wearing a dress inspired on the typical flapper dresses? I wrote a post about those girls earlier this season, if you haven’t read it: it certainly is a cool story, I guarantee! Well.. who of us wouldn’t love to spice her life up a lil’ with some flapper girl attitude?! The flapper dresses typically have a straight cut and have a waistline on the hip. The dresses are heavily decorated and embellished with all kinds of garments. Certainly a dress to have fun with for a night out! Watch out: they are definitely not suitable for every figure, but when it does work out for you, you’ll definitely look stunning.

2. Designer sunnies
Although I must confess that I haven’t yet bought any designer sunnies myself, I definitely consider it as a good summer investment. Good sunglasses are
more pleasant to look through and protect your eyes well against UV radiation (very important but often overlooked!). If you choose for a classic model (e.g. most Ray-Bans, pilot models etc.) it will last for years and really is a friend of yours during your – almost? – whole life. A good pair of sunnies can do so much for your face and appearance! Be careful though to opt for ones with real glass, I recently learned from our local sunnies-guy (he’s so much fun!) that most sunglasses sold in expensive shops are not even made out of real glass (most Carreras for example). Ray-ban is, though. Of course, you are not obliged to choose for real ones, but they will definitely last longer and I, personally, would not want to spend so much money on something plastic. But that’s personal. Why I haven’t bought ones myself? I am still trying to find a selling point nearby for Super Sunglasses, which I adore!

3. Peplum
Peplum is thé hit of summer 2012 and promises to stay popular coming fall/winter season. It is playful, fun and girly.. and perfect to hide some lovehandles 😉 It is used for all types of apparal: tops, dresses and (pencil) skirts. You either hate or love it, but I encaptured it in my heart a while ago.

4. Pastels
Definitely the ultimate colours for this season are the pastels. They were seen in many shows (with Vuittons super girly collection to top it) and combine perfectly with the hints to earlier decades that we saw so often. A plus is definitely that they are easy to combine, since all pastel/sorbet colours are each others friends if it comes to looks 🙂

Dress, Zara TRF, €69.95
Peplum skirt, Topshop, 34 pounds
Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses, My Theresa, €140

5. Coloured, mirroring sunglasses
A sudden trend of which I at first did not really know what to think of. One of my friends was a fan from the first start and slowly I have started to appreciate them more and more. Some weeks ago, in Italy, I was suddenly craving for a pair myself. I envisioned transparant ones with either pink-ish or blue mirroring glasses. I did not find them anywhere, though.. Love the ones from Spektre as well, however they do not have an online shop, unfortunately.

6. Strappy, black, heeled sandals
A basic in my opinion that definitely is a wise investment. We had many good pairs last summer which we as well really affordable. I bought a Zara pair myself and found myself wearing them with simply EVERYTHING. Love these from Mango, too.

7. Something sporty
Sporty is a trend, and whether it is because of the sports summer (european championship, the olympics, tour de france..) or just one of the exceptional artistic fashion outbursts, I love it either way. You can choose for pants made out of jersey, a jacket with a sporty look or, of course, for Isabel Marant (inspired) sneakers with wedges. I recently ordered a pair myself (took me a loooong time to decide which pair I would choose) and I’m impatiently waiting for them to arrive!

Sunglasses, Spektre, price unknown
Heeled sandals, Mango, €69.95
Wedge sneakers, Topshop, 48 pounds

8. Pajama pants
Printed trousers that do show a hint of the well-known pajama pants are a hit this season, I am pretty confident you are aware of that, haha. One of my personal favourites from all trends this summer, I must say. Zara has many amazing ones. I prefer to keep the outfit simple: a basic black, grey or white tee or tank will do it all. Eventually worn with a statement necklace and black heeled sandals. You definitely will make heads turn wearing these!

9. A statement necklace
Something that was on my wishlist for this season is a statement necklace. The perfect way to spice up a basic outfit or plain dress. It can turn an obvious, maybe boring outfit into one in which you can go out for dinner or a party! Zara has many great ones, however, my personal favourites are from Baublebar, who unfortunately do not send out of the US.

10. Pointy noses
As shown by many designers (and especially Louis Vuitton and YSL): pumps with pointy noses and eventually also metal caps. I am sure many of you have to get used to this and therefore it might not one of the most popular trends at the streets, however, it definitely is something that upgrades your wardrobe to ‘Summer 2012’!

11. Pencil skirts and cropped tops
Something that I love and that subtly hints back to earlier decades (just like the flapper dresses and pastel colours). I will soon dedicate a whole post to this, since I love it and since it is popular among many bloggers. You can choose to wear a matching top and skirt (top can, of course, also be a bralette/balconette instead of a loose shirt like this one) or you choose something that goes really well together like the ensemble above that I picked. Sexy in a whole new way!

Printed trousers, Zara, €49.95
Statement necklace, Zara, €22.95
Pumps with pointy noses, Nelly, €64.95
Cropped top, Topshop, 24 pounds
Pencil skirt, Lavish Alice, 23 pounds

12. Leather sandals
Sandals are something that I cannot live without during summer (you’ve probably mentioned that I am wearing my leather black ones slightly too often ;)). As I said, black leather ones are perfect; they will last a long time, look good with almost everything and are really comfortable – even for long city walks in foreign countries e.g.!

13. A good party clutch
You need a good clutch to accompany you to all your summer parties! I love this one from Zara, but a simple leather one is great as well. I have a deep purple, really simple, leather one and it really is my best friend for partying!

14. Good sunscreen
Personally, I have overlooked good sunscreen for a while. But not anymore. 90% of the wrinkles you get when you get older are caused by the sun, so you better do start protecting your skin against UV radiation everyday! Be careful to check whether they protect you against UV A and B radiation, as sunscreen often protects against only one of these! (Only recently its been discovered that both radiation causes skin damage). Lancaster is known for ultimate protection (both types!), and though they might be slightly pricier than your regular drugstore ones, an investment here is absolutely worth your money 🙂

15. A heavenly bikini or even better: a bathing suit
Nothing can brighten up your summer and mood more than a bikini you’re totally in love with. My personal favourites are from Calzedonia, an Italian brand that is sold in many popular holiday destinations. Recently, I fell in love with the Dolce & Gabbana bathing suits, which are really, really good in my opinion. River Island has some nice onces too. The good thing about the popular bathing suits is that they also look great as a top with some shorts on top.

Leather sandals, K Jacques St Topez via net-a-porter, 205 dollar
Lancaster sun products, Douglas, different prices
Clutch, Zara, €69.95
Bathing suit, Dolce & Gabbana via net-a-porter, 350 pound

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  1. augustus 14, 2012 20:05

    Those Zara sandals are so hot! *drooling*

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