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Favourites from the new Zara collection

augustus 15, 2012

When the new collections for crispy fresh seasons begin to drop into (online) shops, I always like to busy myself by making lists with my favourites. Besides a nice way to spend some time, I also find it helpful to decide the course I’d like to follow according to fashion in the new seasons and to create some sort of overview of things I might want to buy. Most of the time, I end up buying barely a thing of what was on my lists at the beginning of the season, but ok. So be it, haha.

It is very clear where my current focus lies: trousers and shoes. Whereas I used to be particularly a fan of dresses and skirts before, I find myself falling in love with trousers and shorts over and over again this year. I also looove the bags – though I’m really not that much of a bag-junkie.. I prefer to stay at the shoes department – however, I find them a bit expensive still to really consider buying some of them. Such a pity, because they’re absolutely beautiful.

Funny is how well the fall trends are represented in their collection. Within some days I’ll post the Save My Wardrobe September issue, in which I will discuss all fall/winter 2012 trends with you. A little hint: we’re gonna see a lot of oxblood red, plum, leather and leopard prints!

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