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0107’12 | Lucca

augustus 16, 2012

During the last week of our stay, on Sunday, we went to Lucca. I’ve heard it is one of the most beautiful towns in Tuscany, but often underestimated by tourists. Time to form our own opinion! Beautiful it definitely was, a lovely town to just wander, eat some icecream and pizza for lunch.. to jump in some small stores to discover great pieces. I discovered Font shoes (their website is currently under construction) where they had the most perfect studded loafers. Composed out of soft, buttery leather, in powdery colours as light red, soft blue and more and with subtle studs. No need for spikes or huge studs, no, just basic and simple, exactly how I like it. Unfortunately, they were still over 100 euros while discounted, so I did not bring them.. (although it does cause some heartache). While we were there, there was also a wedding happening, which was great to see.. with the decor of the old Italian town.

Top and shorts – Zara (shorts are from an old collection) | leather sandals – Invito

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  1. augustus 16, 2012 12:49

    jolie serie de photos qui respire les vacances et le soleil .

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