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The next best thing

augustus 23, 2012

I spoke several times about my love for the Isabel Marant sneakers before here on the blog. I found decent look a likes which were more affordable, perfect look a likes which were less affordable and then I found these.. perfect AND affordable. Here to be exact. I am not a fan of buying fake or ‘inspired by’ like the ones from Van den Assem, however, sometimes you just fall in love with something but there’s no way you can afford buying the real thing. Usually I say: leave it, go for something very different but what’s real and within your price range. A Louis Vuitton bag, for example, I would never ever buy a fakie of that. I waited and doubted about the sneakers but then suddenly they were everywhere, also in regular shops on the high street and our favourite online stores (asos, topshop, etc.). Each and everyone of them suddenly sold wedge sneakers, some more than others, but all totally inspired on the original Isabel Marant ones. So I decided to cave in and order the ones that I loved the most.

They have many more gorgeous colours like electric blue, grey, or even pastels. With coming fall/winter season in my mind, I decided to opt for some khaki ones for now.. That colour is just always good.

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  1. augustus 23, 2012 18:09

    Ik ben zelf niet zo’n fan van de sneakers, maar ik vind ze in deze kleur wel erg leuk!

  2. augustus 23, 2012 19:41

    Ze zijn leuk. Mooi kleurtje.

  3. augustus 24, 2012 16:23

    Ben zelf fan van de sneaker wedges van March23

    • augustus 24, 2012 16:31

      Oh die kende ik nog niet! Ze zijn inderdaad erg mooi 🙂 Maar wel weer wat duurder. Gave kleurtjes hebben ze!

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