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Half a year to the USA!!

augustus 28, 2012

Some of you have maybe read something about my upcoming US experience in some of my overexcited posts from the past weeks. I’ll explain a little more about it here, today šŸ™‚

At this very moment, I am at Brussels airport making my way through security probably to catch my plane to Philadelphia and then Detroit. Brussels was about 1200 euros cheaper for a one way ticket to Detroit than Schiphol (Amsterdam) and major European airports such as Frankfurt, Charles de Gaulle (Paris) and Heathrow in London, which is why I’ll depart from there. As part of the program I follow at the University of Groningen (International Business and Management), I will have to do my minor abroad. Which, for me, will be at Eastern Michigan University, USA. Sooooo cool! I will follow business courses that, in my opinion, are great to learn from Americans since I admire their winner’s mindset and ability to deliver brilliant speeches, namely: Public speaking, introduction to public relations, meetings and events management and leadership theory and practice.

The semester ends at December 19th, after which I will spend about one more month to travel around the US. I am not sure what to visit yet, so if you have suggestions (also about Michigan!) don’t hesitate to share them in the comments! I was, at first, thinking about California (who wouldn’t?!), but I might save that for later since it will be winter when I’ll visit it then and since I’m planning to visit the festival Coachella in some year anyway, I might as well pick something else to visit right now. Like New York, Hawaii or Florida.. Well, I’ll see!

I am happy to be there during Thanksgiving, Halloween (!!), Christmas and NYE.. It would be so amazing to experience that there, I believe. I’ll all keep you up to date about my experiences and travels here, but my Dutch/Belgian readers might as well read my account (, where more detailed stories will be uploaded!

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