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Summer Diary

augustus 29, 2012

I know, it’s been a while since I uploaded that last diary. Often, I was too busy to transfer all photos from my phone to my laptop (for some reason it’s not always working properly so I have to wait a while for it connects, plus that the photos are named with ridiculously long numbers, causing that it’s a hell of a job to select them ;)). Anyway, I decided to go through my albums and post some photos taken during summer reflecting how my life’s been!

One of my little brothers graduated from high school at the start of summer! Time for some champagne!

I made tortillas with crab sticks in it. Delicious 🙂

Latte Macchiato at a terrace with my parents during the parent’s day from my university!

Went to Rotterdam with my girls to pay a visit to Primark! 😉 This was our delicious lunch

Our cute rabbit on one of the rare hot days this summer. Sweet, isn’t it?

My parents gave me a ‘slaves’ bracelet for Christmas some years ago. Recently, they had it engraved in Latin, which I had in high school. It means: Dearest Marle, luck is with them who dare, mom and dad. I love it!

Cocktails with my girls in Groningen on one of the first evenings of our holidays

That afternoon we already had delicious Lattes to celebrate freedom! We were in the coffee store for about 4 hours and went straight to an Italian restaurant afterwards 😛

My parents were already on holidays when I departed to Croatia, so I convinced my brother to bring me to the train station where my girls waited, too. This is how it looked 😛


Wine with my girls in the old town of Split

Tried to capture the great atmosphere here. Lovely.

The most delicious dinner in a great Italian restaurant in Split. Funny, because actually the restaurant was fully booked, but since we all dressed up (to the max :P), they did have a table for us 😛

My and my friend’s sunnies + scarf

Drinks with my family in Tuscany, Italy!

Another drink..

My dad enjoying a coke

Reading Dutch Vogue!

I wanted to buy a new book, but the Italian store only sold books like Harry Potter in English. So I decided to study Italian and bought an Italian book instead, haha.

And more reading! Fifty shades darker this time.

Fruits 🙂

..And wine!

Dinner at a restaurant at the sea

Lovely white wine

On our way back home, beautiful sceneries in Switserland

A mountain covered in clouds in Switserland

Had some stress for picking up an important document from the uni for my visa appointment at the consulate. Luckily it all went well.

I had the visa appointment very early at the American consulate in Amsterdam. Afterwards, I went shopping there with my mom and we enjoyed some drinks and sweets at a terrace. It was a great and relaxed day!

Dutch Vogues!

Delicious selfmade lunch

I had a goodbye dinner with my girls! We had tapas at a Spanish restaurant. See the cute heart at the olives? ❤

My little brother bought me the sweetest goodbye gift! Love it, thank you! ❤

..And here’s what he had for dinner hahaha.

While I opted for some sushi! Hmm..

Soon pictures from the States!

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