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Outfit | Labour Day

september 4, 2012

Those last days I’ve been very busy with the orientation days at EMU. There’s so much set up for us here, from information sessions to late night movies (snowwhite and the huntsman! I consider it a rather weird movie, though :P). A lot of fun and a great way to meet new (domestic ánd international) people! The weather here is rather warm (still so much better than the rainy summer we had in Holland, though!) but inside the buildings its pretty chilly, due to the passion that Americans have for airconditioning. It made me catch a small cold, unfortunately. Some things here are rather difficult to adjust to, especially the eating habits, the tutoring in a way like we are little children (restriction to visit certain websites, talking through things like discrimination etc.) but in general I love it here. I adore their winner’s mindset and eagerness to make the most out of their time in college, which really inspires me to reach for the stars and get involved in as many things I can during my time here and probably when I am back home. Everything seems to be possible here, where, back home, you sometimes feel like you should be cautious not doing too much at once. For now, I’ll enjoy my Starbucks coffee (we have a store on campus!) and plan some trips with a friend who studies here too! Washington, Chicago, Toronto, New York. Niagara falls… we want to visit it all!

Blouse, heels and shorts – Zara

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  1. september 8, 2012 12:57

    Leuk broekje, staat je echt heel goed! Zag een outfit van je op het cosmogirl forum en werd benieuwd naar je blog haha, zal ‘m zeker vaker bekijken 🙂

    X Saskia

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