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Outfit 0609’12 | Dressed up for nothing

september 10, 2012

Last Thursday, we were invited to come to a party with some roommates of a friend here. They drove us to a bar in – kinda – the middle of nowhere. There was a long line of people waiting to get inside, but since the girls were popular – apparently – and because their friends were already somewhere in the middle of the line, we quickly jumped in and joined them there. We waited for an hour to get pretty close to the entrance when one of the bouncers told everyone to go home because the bar was full and they were done for the night. No one responded… During another hour they kept screaming that people should get home, and however me and my friend wanted to, we were dependent on the other girls since they were driving the car. And… they didn’t want to give up because they believed that in the end they would be let in, when other people would’ve gone home. Eventually, the bouncers called the police to make the bunch of people in front of the bar realize that they really had to go home. They started fighting and the police ran towards them and I thought that I heard someone shooting. That was the moment when I and some other girls ran towards the parking lot, hiding behind several cars. When we finally reached ours I almost started crying, it must have been one of the scariest moments in my life. In the end, of course, there had not been any shooting at all, only fighting… but this whole gun-law in the States scares the hell out of me, apparently, haha. So… not party for us 😉

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Dress – Zara | Heels – thanks to

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  1. september 11, 2012 16:43

    Gorgeous pumps! xx

  2. september 11, 2012 23:27

    Mooi jurkje, staat je prachtig 😀 x

  3. september 12, 2012 11:15

    so so pretty x

  4. september 12, 2012 12:34


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