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How to: looking stunning in an all H&M outfit (6x)

oktober 26, 2012

H&M… you may have double feelings by hearing that brand name.. Yes.. from time to time they have great items (especially since we all discovered the Trend line), however maybe more often than not, you walk out of the store empty handed. Nonetheless, there are great items to be found and you can create the most amazing looks with them! And the best thing: it is still só affordable! Even much better than Zara usually is. To prove it, I created six looks for you, existing completely out of H&M items. So yes, even the shoes, cosmetics and accesories are from the Swedish brand. To be honest, I am not the biggest fan myself of their shoe-line, but I just wanted to make the look complete, to show that it is possible to wear a completely H&M look and look absolutely stunning.

One of my personal favourites: I looove the coat and I’m also crazy over burgundy lately. It is trendy but edgy and so absolutely autumn-ish!

The burgundy skirt maybe is my most favourite item from the whole fall-collection, it is real leather and absolutely perfect (I tried it on). I love the colour combination of burgundy and light blue, and of course mixing fabrics: leather with knitwear. More edgy: a boyfriend jeans (from the men’s department) that looks great with heels (roll the legs). I looove the knitted cardigan: I just bought it myself today. Stay tuned and you’ll find an outfit similar to this one on the blog, soon.

An interesting colour combination, but I kinda love it: burgundy and pink. We went from real colourblocking some seasons ago to more monochromatic styles: different shades of the same colour(categorie). Maybe it requires some time to adjust and to get used to it, but I’m positive you’ll start to appreciate it after a while.

Again a monochromatic outfit. I must say that I’m not a fan of the shoes, but I could not really find something much better for this look. I do loooove the coat, which looks super chix with the leather gloves.

More edgy, but not less stylish. The pants stay fashionable due to the excellent cut, and a silk blouse in a neat colour helps to enlarge that feeling. Perfect for activities on winter days.

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