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My life in the USA through Instagram

november 2, 2012

Although I have an Instagram account since last April, I never really was a heavy user. I kinda forgot about it. But now, in the States, where everyone seems to be having an account, I got kind of addicted to it! Feel free to follow me (user name: savemywardrobe), I loooove to see who’s following my blog and to have a sneak peek into you lives too! 🙂 For now, a small diary of my life so far here in the USA, later on I’ll also post photos taken with my regular camera!

Breakfast in Toronto, Canada two weekends ago! It was a super American breakfast with a French Vanilla coffee and some sort of wrap/omelet 🙂 Next to that, our bill at the famous restaurant Hooters… We just HAD to have dinner there at least once, since it is só American. Yeah.. it was kind of a shocking amount of money haha, which mostly was to blame on our bottle of Chardonnay 😦 (Oh well, at least we enjoyed drinking some wine over dinner, legally, haha!)

Roadtrip to Canada! So cool to see all the ‘Routes’ 🙂 And Hooters again.. All the waitresses are wearing super short shorts and shirts with a ridiculously low V-neck. Nice for the guys who came with us, less for us, girls. Oh well, at least we were able to say: “Ohhh, she is just SOOO stupid” when she did not have a clue how to write Chardonnay 😉

Mmm Corona with the guys living in the apartment next to us.. And my new OPI nailpolish! “Color to diner for”

The CN-tower in Toronto! And we had lunch (what was left from our breakfast of four American pancakes with maple syrup!) with this view… It was about 26 degrees Celsius, so we we’re just chilling out in our sleeveless shirts, perfection 🙂

My new All Stars, as a real American 🙂 And the beautiful sunset on our way back to the US.

Canada 🙂 And I shows you before how incredibly beautiful fall in the USA is 🙂 Even though it’s almost gone now, due to the hard wind caused by hurricane Sandy… She was not nearly close to us (New York is about 10 hours away from here, and the storm didn’t cross Michigan’s border), but we absolutely had some influences like hard wind, cold, rain and even snow caused by it!

I absolutely am a supporter of Obama for the elections. I watched all the debates and in my opinion he will absolutely be a smarter choice to vote for than Romney is… Also: my first Halloween ever! I and two of the other Dutch girls that are here, dressed up as Burlesque-girls 🙂 Here I’m wearing the Lady Gaga wig from one of my other friends.

We partied on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, so we were pretty much broken on Sunday and baked some Halloween cupcakes and watched Legally Blonde 🙂

Last Friday, I went to the Ford American Idol day! An event organized by Ford, a sponsor of American Idol. There was a delicious breakfast, time for networking, and after that last season’s winner Phillip Phillips (haha) and the runner-up, Jessica Sanchez, performed for us. It was quite special, since it only was a small audience that they performed for, so it felt much more personal. Afterwards, there was time for some photos and autographs, of which I will show you some photos later! Next to that: caramel/chocolate apples! Hmm!

I love to take pictures of food 🙂 And how cool is that Pepsi truck?! Pepsi is here much more popular than Coca Cola (I always thought it was the other way around!), but I absolutely prefer Coca Cola.. 😦

Levi’s is just the best! I loooove their jeans! Also, I had my very first bubble tea! I absolutely had no idea of what to expect (it’s something Asian), but it was pretty good and funny!

My roommate makes the best coffee! A Starbucks right in our living room 🙂 And I kinda regret that I didn’t decide to get those sunnies, think they’re pretty cool, hm?

Today’s lunch at a local cafe called the Ugly Mug. I had a delicious “Almond Joy” coffee and a croissaint.. I love croissants a lot, but this was just too American for me, sweetened and not crispy as it’s supposed to be. I also bought J.K. Rowlings new book! I’m kinda excited and very curious whether it will come close to how much I liked the Harry Potter series! I made a start today and I must say that I like it so far, her style of writing is just very pleasant to read 🙂

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  1. november 3, 2012 00:56

    cute photos, makes me want to go to America!

    lots of love from the c&p grls,
    casper&pearl blog

    • november 3, 2012 01:34

      Thanks girls! It was on my wishlist for years and years too! Just keep reminding yourself and one day you’ll find the opportunity, for sure! 🙂

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