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Outfit 0311’12 | Army bear

november 5, 2012

I wanted to do a combined post for this outfit and tomorrow’s post, however, I kinda liked how the photos turned out and ended up selecting too many for one post. So, tomorrow part II of this army pants will be up on the blog 🙂 The jacket is my friend’s, all the time that we are in the States now, I’m envying it when she wears it, haha. It looks só comfy and fab, I love it! So… yesterday I borrowed it 😉 We went to the mall with another friend, I had my hair cut (it was só about time to do that! But I’m always a bit hesistant when it comes to having my hair cut :)) and afterwards we had dinner at our favourite restaurant here: Olga’s kitchen! The mooost delicious curly fries (my absolute favourite meal in the States, haha!) and some sort of pita bread wraps with meat in it. If you ever come across one, try it, you won’t be disappointed!

Pants – Zara | jacket – Bench | shoes – Ebay Isabel Marant inspired | nailpolish – OPI uh-oh roll down the window

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