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PHOTO DIARY | My life in the States II

november 11, 2012


First of all, some leftovers from Halloween! One of my friends dressed up as Lady Gaga and on the other photos are some random strangers that I thought were worthwile to take a photo of, haha. That guy bottom left was dressed up according to some movie or something, I can’t really remember but it’s for sure the most remarkable outfit I’ve seen, haha!

Some weeks ago, I went with some people from my Advertising class to the Ford American Idol day. I told you about that before in my other diary. It was pretty cool!

Some people here have the most awesome license plates ever! Those are two of the ones I spotted so far. We also saw a car with HEYOU on it, wish we could do that!

Between classes we sometimes go to the Ugly Mug for some lunch or just coffee. It is one of the few nice and cosy coffee shops around campus.

Last Tuesday it was Election day! I watched it with some friends and many others at the student center, where they had 6 huge screens on which it was broadcasted. Everywhere were balloons in the colours of the flag and we got a drawing of all the states and a blue and red pencil so that we could colour the States according to who the won that particular state, Romney or Obama. On the right you see Obama propaganda in some people’s yard.

Annddd.. Obama won! The world can heave a sigh of relief!

Even though Sandy did not came too close to Michigan, we were still able to sense its influence (cold, rain and veryyy windy for some days!). At the student center, we have our own tornado shelter, just in case.

Last Friday we stayed at a friend’s house with a bunch of girls, which was really fun! On Saturday morning we took a walk through a typical American neighbourhood. So funny to see all those typical American houses (like you see them on the tv shows) and also the weirdest architecture all together in one street. After that, we went to the football game. They almost won this time but unfortunately got beaten in the very last quarter..

Yesterday evening we watched one of my favourite Dutch movies, Alles is liefde (All is love) with some Americans, hence the subtitles, haha! On the right a delicious frozen yoghurt that we had Friday night.

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