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PHOTO DIARY | My life in the States III

november 21, 2012


I just loooove how America is during the holiday season! It’s just like the movies ❤ On the left, the Starbucks boards, on the right the cute christmas trees that my roommates bought as a decoration for our apartment ❤ I’m sooo excited for Thanksgiving tonight/tomorrow! I’ll celebrate it with an American family, can’t wait! I’m lucky to be here this semester and not the spring semester, with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s…

A beautiful view on the campus lake

I love to have international roommates! On the left you see Japanese sweets. It tasted like green tea and was a bit weird, but hey: it’s cool to try new and different things! On the right breakfast as I like it the most: a bagel with creamcheese and some tea 🙂

On Sunday we celebrated Sinterklaas, a Dutch holiday! One of my Dutch friends here had her sister and a friend visiting from back home! Here’s what I got, cute hm?! 😀

I decided to buy my lonely planet guide for New York City already, so that I have time to read it through and make sure I create the most perfect planning for our stay at the end of the year! Can’t wait!! On the right: last Thursday, we flew to Washington D.C.! It was an amaaazing trip ❤

The squirrels here are soooo comfortable around humen, so cute! And on the right: the view from our hotel (Courtyard, perfect location!).

Such a cute painting in the US Airways magazine! And… just after we arrived in D.C., we went to the premiere of the new and last Twilight movie! I kinda liked it!

Again: holiday season! This was a billboard on Union Station. On the right: My delicious lunch at Sprinkles in Georgetown, Washington D.C.

Our second hotel, the Washington Court Hotel! Again pretty luxurious: we were so lucky finding a discounted room! The lift was made out of glass, so super cool!

A super cute Italian restaurant in Georgetown! And a suuuper cute snowman cookie at Starbucks!

The Capitol at sunset and the World War II memorial at night…

And.. the Library of Congress from the inside

My drink at the amazing Hard Rock Cafe (that was só much fun! You should definitely go to one if you have the chance!) and our chips at a Mexican restaurant!

We also went to the American history museum, on Monday. What I liked the most (besides the War stories) was the part about the First Ladies! All dresses from the inauguration ceremonies were exhibited there (including Michelle Obama’s!). On the right: My family sent me a package for the holidays from the Netherlands 🙂

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