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Nelly holiday wishlist! <3

december 6, 2012


Ever since I got to know about Nelly last year, when I helped them at their high heels event, I am in love with their shop. During hours that I actually have to study (like now, haha, tons of papers due!), I find myself browsing several webshops and creating wishlists. Of course, I do not have the budget to order everything that I like, unfortunately 😦 However, the good thing about Nelly are their incredible sales… So… this list represents the items that I am desperately wishing for to get on sale!

The spiked loafers are on sale already (75 euro to 22!), so I obediently clicked them home, haha. Liked them from the very beginning, however, I am still a bit afraid that they will look a little ‘too agressive’ in real life, if you know what I mean. Oh well, the soft pink colour will help. I am head over heels with the whole issue 1.3 collection: looove the sporty pants, the combination of the silky pants and see-through blouse, the sequined pants (I will soon post an article on how to wear those) and the edgy quilted sweater. Also, the leather items (I am starting to get an all-too-serious crush on leather, I suppose) from Nowhere are just gorgeous. And then the Trend pants? Oh well, isn’t there an inner cowgirl in every girl who has been exposed to Isabel Marant’s latest collections? 🙂

Tell me more about your lists!

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  1. december 6, 2012 22:16

    Love Nelly!

  2. colinechavaroche permalink
    december 8, 2012 23:31

    Nice selection 🙂

    New post on :


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