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Outfit 1412’12 | Last Friday Night

december 17, 2012





Dress – The Sting | jacket – Zara | heels – Zara

Not the best photos, but it was dark outside so we had to shoot them inside with the flash on! Nonetheless, I wanted to share what I was wearing some nights ago. We went to a delicious restaurant nearby with some friends, as some sort of goodbye dinner. Afterwards, we played some good ol’ drinkin’ games, haha! What a fun we had 🙂 The rest of the weekend was all about parties and goodbyes, though… It’s great and weird at the same time, I’ve got to know such amazing people here in the States! I am getting pretty excited for the upcoming travelling weeks as well, though! Coming Thursday we will kick off with Miami, can’t wait!! Still, before all the fun starts, I will have to take care of the last finals that are in the way between now and freedom!

Hope your exams are getting well, too – in case you have any 🙂


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