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Shopping – Bath and Body works

december 21, 2012


If there’s anything I fell in love with during the months that I spent in the States, it will be Bath & Body Works. Their products smell SO extremely delicious that I often do not even wear perfume when I used them that morning! When we were at the store some days ago, they had a special promotion: buy 3, get 3…. not that bad of a deal I think! I stocked my absolute favourite, Cashmere Glow. I doubted between buying a shower gel and bodylotion or two shower gels, and initially went for the last option: I already know I’m gonna cry as soon as I finish that shower gel, haha! So… better stock up on it. I also bought the Secret Wonderland shower gel, which is a favourite of mine as well. The other products are my friend’s, and of course, like everything else there, they smell absolutely delicious too.

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