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Happy new year! & some goals for 2013

januari 1, 2013





Happy, happy new year!!

I hope you all had an awesome and unforgettable new year’s like I had!

We first attended a very intimate, almost private, Broadway musical, the Fantasticks, in which Aaron Carter performed. It was fun ABCs amazing to be so close to it all (a even sat front row!). Afterwards, we went outside and watched the famous ball drop and its countdown.

Today, other than other years, will not be spent on the couch withnew year’s food and movies and tv, but with visiting and exploring New York City even further.

I will closer off with some goals for this year!

– Graduate. If everything will goo according plan (and I see no reason why it wouldn’t), I will get my bachelors degree in international business this July!
– Find the perfect Master. I really want to go abroad again for my master’s degree, however, it is so much more expensive than going to Rotterdam (which has a really good business school as well). Besides, I haven’t really found the perfect one, yet. So that’s something to focus on, when I get back home.
– This idea is completely stolen from, but I want to run a marathon at least once in my life. The fact that I don’t even really like running and that I can barely run 4 kilometres now, don’t matter. I want to do it. Not per se this year, but at least I want to make some good progress towards the goal!
– Put even more effort in making the blog better. My America-experience was a bit more important to me last semester, since I was super busy and wanted to get as much as possible out of it. But I promise, Save My Wardrobe will be back at higher levels than ever in 2013!

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