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Postcards from Brooklyn

januari 3, 2013

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BrooklynIMG_4979 IMG_4983 IMG_4994 IMG_4996 IMG_4997 IMG_5003 IMG_5004

I spent New Year’s day with wandering around Brooklyn, which I loved. I actually did not expect too much from it beforehand, only because I was misled by Blair’s hatred for this part of New York (haha, all my knowledge from the city seems to come from Gossip Girl, quite embarrassing :P). I loved the atmosphere, the more European feeling and a little less of all the rush and screaming advertisements that make New York such a remarkable – but tiring – city. We walked around and visited some of the neighbourhood’s famous stores: PS Bookstore, where I bought my mom a gift, and Brooklyn Industries. We looooved the last one, I never heard of the brand before, but what amazing clothing they have! I took some pics, in my most favourite pick from the store, a sweater. I didn’t buy it, since I plan on buying some exciting, huge items (will show you soon!)… But man, I loved it. They do have a online store, you should definitely check it out (, unfortunately, the shipping costs to Europe are rather high…

After the shopping and sight-seeing, we had dinner at the foot of Brooklyn Bridge, in a lovely Italian restaurant with a view on New York’s skyline, both bridges (Brooklyn and Manhattan) and walked back to the subway station over the Brooklyn Bridge. It was enchanting, starting to fall in love with New Yorks smaller neighbourhoods ❤

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