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The unmaterialistic side of giving perfumes for Valentine’s Day

februari 1, 2013

Although many people find choosing perfume as a gift for meaningful – or less meaningful, the choice’s up to you – occasions such as anniversaries, celebrations and commercialized days such as Valentine’s Day (which I personally love, not as for the least reason that it’s my birthday), evidence for the lack of inspiration/effort/dedication. I am not like that. I love perfume, I love the stories it both makes you imagine when you smell it (a sexy, heavy perfume can make you feel like a femme fatale, whereas a sweet and powdery perfume can make you feel free, innocent, fresh, happy and light, for example) and the stories that it is going to represent. It is like giving future memories to someone else, since the perfume will always remember you of that person, or that one special moment when you wore it.

I’ve heard of people who cannot stand a certain perfume anymore ever since the person that it represents died, or the perfume that you wore during a dark period in your life. I’ve heard of people who cherish a particulair bottle of perfume because it reminds them of a special person, moment or period in their lives. It is like an invisible photo. People often say that a photo can capture a moment, but not an emotion. A perfume can. It captures it all, and especially the emotions. Isn’t it great to give something like that to a special someone? To give them the future memories that you will share, in a partly tangible and materialistic way and partly intangible and, therefore, unmaterialistic…

Below I’ll guide you through my One’s and Only’s. Soon my favourites for men 🙂

Edit: It’s a bit hard to read. Click on the image to enlarge 🙂 I’m sorry!

perfume valentine's

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